Muffins with lingonberries

Muffins with lingonberries

Learn how to make quick and delicious lingonberries muffins. Lingonberries add piquancy to the cupcakes with their delicate sourness. Muffins will definitely appeal to fans of delicious baking. In the cranberry and lingonberry season, I highly recommend making these muffins. Sweet dough, sour berries – delicious. Instead of serving muffins, you can bake one cupcake.  lingonberries are eaten in any form: fresh, boiled, soaked. This berry is good both as a dessert and as a seasoning for meat and fish dishes.

Various drinks are prepared from it: fruit drinks, compotes, jelly, and used as a filling for pies. Jam is made from lingonberries(especially delicious jam is made from lingonberries with apples) and jam. Vegetable salads with lingonberriesare useful. Use lingonberries for cooking hot sauces for meat dishes. It should also be said that in addition to excellent taste, cranberries have another advantage: it is low in calories (only 40 kcal/100 g), so you can not get better from lingonberries, but you can improve digestion.


Sugar 1 tablespoon
Salt to taste
Baking powder 1 teaspoon
Milk 1 Cup
Chicken egg 2 pieces
Butter 3 tablespoons
Lingonberries 1.5 cups
Wheat flour 1.5 cups
Calories 160 kcal
Proteins 4.3 grams
Fat 5.6 grams
Carbohydrates 23.5 grams

Instruction. Muffins with lingonberries.

Preheat the oven to 374F (190C) degrees. Grease the muffin mold with oil or put a paper mold in each hole.

In a bowl, mix the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder.

Melt butter. This can be done either in a water bath or in a microwave.

In another bowl (better if it is deeper), mix the melted butter, milk and eggs.

Combine both mixtures and mix well. Add the lingonberries to the dough and mix.

Fill the molds with two-thirds of the dough and bake for 20-25 minutes until ready, checking with a toothpick.

Leave in the form for a few minutes, then transfer to a dish. If desired, you can sprinkle with powdered sugar. Muffins with lingonberries.