Brownie in a multicooker

Brownie in a multicooker

I really like brownie cake. I can’t but rejoice that the multicooker copes well with the preparation of this dessert! Changing the time in the “baking” mode, you can get the desired or preferred structure and humidity, but in any case, you do not need to dry the brownies. Brownie in a multicooker.

Cooking time 40 minutes

Ingredients. Brownie in a multicooker.

Chocolate  7.054oz
Eggs  3 pcs.
Sugar  about 3.53oz
Vanilla sugar  1 tsp
Butter  5.29oz
Flour 5.29oz
Cocoa  at the request of 2 tbsp.
Baking powder  0.3 tsp
Salt  1 pinch
Spices  optional
420 cal per 3.53oz (100g) of ingredients

Step by step recipe

I strongly advise you to choose suitable shapes for the bowl of your multicooker, i.e. diameter slightly less than the diameter of the bottom of the bowl. Now a wide variety of various silicone molds, as well as disposable foil molds come to the rescue. They are convenient for baking and take care of the multicooker bowl, prolonging its service life.

Chocolate for brownie can be different, even with any fillings in the composition, but preferably dark with a high cocoa content. Often disputes arise over whether or not baking powder can be added to the dough. I think that this is a matter of taste, but for myself I decided that in most types of brownies I prefer to add it, but in a small amount – much less than in cupcakes. To make a chocolate brownie in a slow cooker, prepare the ingredients on the list.

Melt the butter with pieces of chocolate in a water bath or at low power in a slow cooker, stirring occasionally. While the chocolate-butter mixture cools, mix the eggs with sugar and vanilla sugar. This can be done simply with a spatula, fork or whisk, but without using a mixer. Beating is not necessary. Combine the chocolate mass with the egg and mix. Add flour with cocoa, salt and baking powder, mix into a uniform dough without whipping. If desired, and to taste in the dough for brownie can be added any spices or spices: chili, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander. Put the chocolate dough in the oiled bowl of the multicooker or in a suitable form, which then place in the bowl. Set the “Baking” mode and the time 30-45 minutes, depending on what humidity you want to get brownie. After half an hour of baking, open the lid and check with a wooden toothpick or match. A brownie in a slow cooker turns out round rather than traditional rectangular in shape and with a softer, and not with such a crunchy top sugar crust, as in the oven. Enjoy a tea party! Bon Appetit!