5 healthy drink recipes. How to replace coffee in the morning?

5 healthy drink recipes. How to replace coffee in the morning?

Drinks that can be a worthy substitute for morning coffee. An additional benefit for the body is that you can not add sugar to them. 5 healthy drink recipes. How to replace coffee in the morning?

Among coffee lovers, sometimes there are also allergy sufferers, in whom the use of this drink causes an undesirable skin reaction, disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, and even a severe headache.

And doctors categorically forbid people suffering from hypertension and cardiovascular diseases to drink coffee. But what can replace your favorite drink, when in the morning time, as always, is short, and you are not fully awake yet?

Smoothies with herbs. 5 healthy drink recipes. How to replace coffee in the morning?

Herbs with a strong smell will “Wake up” you even at the stage of making smoothies. Dill, parsley, celery, lovage, coriander-choose any combination that you like.

To enhance the effect, you can add fragrant arugula to the cocktail and provide it with a sour “note” in the form of spinach. And in order not to add water to the drink, throw a cucumber into the blender during cooking.

Smoothies with herbs
Smoothies with herbs

Greens contain high levels of vitamins and amino acids. Due to this, spicy herbs act no worse than any other energy source. Well, as always — to enhance the taste and aroma qualities, as well as to form the desired consistency — sour-milk, spicy additions can be added to the cocktail of the color of nature itself: yogurt, cream, ginger, almonds, honey, cinnamon, cloves, etc.

Cocktail “Slimness and health”

For cooking you need:

Celery 2 medium stalks
Watercress 1 bunch
Parsley 4 tablespoons
Green tea 1/2 cup

Mix all the ingredients and turn them into a wonderful green drink. You can decorate the finished product with a sprig of thyme.

Smoothie “Original taste”

To create a magical life-giving elixir you need:

Romaine Lettuce 3.52oz
Arugula 2.65oz
Avocado 1/2 PC
Cucumber juice 1/3 Cup

Mix all the ingredients using a blender and pour into serving glasses.

Fresh fruit and berries

Fresh is a wonderful invigorating drink, enriched with vitamins and healthy trace elements. For its preparation, vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, as well as the most unexpected mixes will be healthy. And remember that freshly squeezed juice remains so only for the first half hour after cooking.

Fresh fruit and berries
Fresh fruit and berries

Sunny fresh

If you don’t have enough energy in the morning, you wake up hard. You can prepare a wonderful fresh drink that has an invigorating effect.


Grapefruit  1 piece
Carrot 4 pieces
Fresh ginger 1 cm of root

Preparation: peel the grapefruit, remove the white films, cut the carrots into large chunks, and grate the ginger. Then you need to squeeze the juice from the grapefruit and carrots. Add fresh ginger and drink the drink in the morning.

Fresh beet and apple juice

The best drink is beet-apple fresh, which must be prepared immediately before use.


Apple 1 piece
Beetroot ½ pcs.
Celery stalks 3 pcs

Process the ingredients with a juicer. The resulting drink is simply mixed and immediately consumed.


Water with lemon. 5 healthy drink recipes. How to replace coffee in the morning?

Some drinks should be singled out separately because of the ease of preparation. This is, for example, water with lemon. This drink has much fewer calories, because it contains a minimum of sugar.

Water with lemon
Water with lemon

Water with lemon is a natural lemonade that perfectly quenches thirst and gives you a boost of energy. Due to the content in citrus fruits of many important substances for the life of the human body, such a simple drink can make up for the lack of vitamins and trace elements.

To prepare a healthy drink, you will not need anything but water and lemon. Even the simplest option involves different cooking methods. You can simply squeeze lemon juice into a glass at the rate of one fruit per liter of water, that is, one glass is a quarter of the fruit. You can cut the lemon into thin slices and pour warm water. Modern housewives can use a blender to grind parts of the fruit into a pulp and place the resulting mass in a purified liquid.


Water with mint and lemon

Mint leaves are a kind of sweetener.

The recipe here is as follows:

The washed lemon is cut into thin rings. Two sprigs of mint are washed and torn apart. All the ingredients are placed in a glass and crushed with a spoon.
The mixture is poured with warm water. This healthy drink will charge a person with a good mood and cheerfulness for the whole day.

Pomegranate juice

This drink contains a number of useful substances, namely vitamins b and C, as well as iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Of course, making fresh pomegranate juice is quite problematic and takes a long time – so it’s better to buy this drink in the store. In order to get the most out of a glass of this juice, choose its analogues with a low sugar content.

Pomegranate juice
Pomegranate juice

In order to minimize the harmful effects of organic acids contained in pomegranate juice on the gastric mucosa, it, like other acidic drinks, should not be consumed on an empty stomach. People with sensitive enamel or caries are recommended to drink pomegranate juice through a tube, and then rinse your mouth with water.

Coconut milk. 5 healthy drink recipes. How to replace coffee in the morning?

5 healthy drink recipes. How to replace coffee in the morning?
5 healthy drink recipes. How to replace coffee in the morning?

I must say that this product provides the body with energy and at the same time is easy to digest. You can easily use coconut milk as a decoy snack during the day, while in the mode of weight loss.

Cooking coconut milk is very simple! The pulp of the nut is crushed on a grater or using other kitchen appliances. Then carefully squeeze out the liquid. You can perform several push-ups. The first spin gives the thickest version of milk.

But it is worth noting that this option just retains all the main benefits. Subsequent squeezes allow you to make a more liquid version of milk, but filtration of healthy substances with this approach is strenuous. The choice, of course, depends on your goals and preferences. Bon Appetit!