Drink for immunity from rosehip fruit

Drink for immunity from rosehip fruit

A drink made from rosehip fruit is very healthy, it improves performance well, saturates the body with vitamin C. Vitamin drinks that increase the immune system, it is useful to drink as a preventive measure to strengthen the entire body, and to fight the beginning of a cold. Drink for immunity from rosehip fruit.

Important! Since many medicinal drinks include honey and lemon, they should not be added immediately, but only when the infusion becomes warm, otherwise the useful properties of the hot temperature will disappear.

It is best to brew rosehip in a thermos, it is convenient to do this in the evening. Moreover, you can use not only its fruits, but also leaves, as well as young shoots. To make the drink more saturated, it is better to crush the dry fruits. By the way, this will also reduce the period of infusing in the thermos.

You can drink rosehip tea during the day without any restrictions, if desired, you can add a spoonful of honey or raspberry jam. Juices from berries or fruits will also be a good addition. You can throw a handful of any frozen berries into the thermos where the rosehip is brewed, this will fortify the drink even more.

Ingredients. Drink for immunity from rosehip fruit.

Rosehip fruit  2 tablespoons
Glass of hot water
Honey to taste


Cooking time 10 minutes

Rosehip fruits should be washed with warm water.

Dry rosehip fruits are crushed in a blender.
Brew with cool boiling water in the evening in a thermos.

Important! After you have enjoyed a fragrant drink of crushed rosehip fruit, be sure to rinse your mouth, because the ascorbic acid contained in them destroys the tooth enamel.

In our family, rosehip infusion is so familiar and loved in the cold season that it basically replaces regular tea. Bon Appetit!