Smoothies with persimmons and strawberries

Smoothies with persimmons and strawberries

Smoothie with persimmon and orange is a bright and very appetizing looking cocktail. In summer, we often prepare smoothies to fully enjoy the seasonal vitamins contained in fruits and berries. So why not continue this glorious tradition in autumn and winter. Smoothies with persimmons and strawberries.

Cooking time 10 minutes


Strawberry 3.53 oz (100 g)
Persimmon 1 PC.
1 banana
Orange 1 PC.
Mint for decoration
51 kcal at 3.53 oz (100g)

Instruction.Smoothies with persimmons and strawberries.

Persimmon is healthy and delicious, its sunny color pleases the eye, and the juicy flesh can be the basis of many dessert dishes and drinks. Strawberries will add their unique flavor and beautiful color to the drink. A banana will give the smoothie a creamy texture, and freshly squeezed orange juice will dilute the sweetness and add vitamin C.

A smoothie with persimmons and strawberries is prepared in minutes. Strawberry berries are too large, you need to cut them in half with a knife. The banana will need to be very ripe, with spots on the skin. It is also better to use a ripe persimmon, whose skin is ready to burst.

Remove the thin skin from the persimmon and remove the seeds. Squeeze the juice out of the orange. Put strawberries in the blender bowl. We will clean the banana, cut it at random and also send it to the blender. Add the persimmon pulp to the banana and strawberry and pour in the orange juice.

At high speed of the blender, turn the fruit into a smooth smoothies. Add a couple of ice cubes and chop it all until smooth. If the drink is too thick or too sweet, add more orange juice or mineral water, and then shake the smoothie again for a few seconds. Pour smoothies with persimmons and strawberries into serving jars, garnishing with a mint leaf. It can be served immediately, or it can be further cooled. Bon Appetit!