Vitamin smoothie

Vitamin smoothie

Green smoothie with apple, celery and kiwi is a great option for a low-calorie breakfast for those who do not like breakfast. When you switch to proper nutrition, you must have breakfast. And it is a smoothie that will be a great start to a new day. After all, it will charge you with energy and give you cheerfulness. It is refreshing, delicious and very healthy. And it is prepared in just a few minutes. If there is not enough sweetness, you can add honey to taste. Vitamin smoothie.

Cooking time 10 minutes

Ingredients. Vitamin smoothie.

Apple – 1 PC
Celery-1 stalk
Kiwi – 2 PCs
Mineral water without gas – 2 tbsp
37 kcal per 3.53 oz (100g) of ingredients


To prepare a vitamin smoothie, you must immediately prepare the ingredients according to the list. Peel the vegetables and fruits and cut them into small pieces.

Peel the apple and kiwi. Remove the core from the apple. Kiwi, by the way, is a very useful fruit for losing weight.  But if you use 1 kiwi in the morning for a month, you will greatly improve your health and accelerate your metabolism.

Wash the celery stalks and cut them into chunks. As you know, celery is generally very popular in various diets. It is very rich in vitamins. It is considered an excellent tonic.

Put the fruit and vegetables in a blender and beat until smooth. Pour in the mineral water and beat again for a few seconds until smooth. Pour the drink into glasses, cool and serve. Vitamin smoothie is ready. Fill up with vitamins!

Green smoothies can be drunk as a second breakfast, if you can have breakfast porridge in the morning. But not before an hour after the first Breakfast. Lose weight with pleasure! Vitamin smoothie.