7 ideas for creating a minimalistic garden
7 ideas for creating a minimalistic garden

In the style of minimalism, you can design any plot, but most often small plots benefit from it. The absence of unnecessary details does not clutter the space, but only corrects it, visually increasing it with the help of individual accents. Minimalism is ideal for lovers of restraint, conciseness, and fans of modern style. If you compare minimalism with other styles of landscape design, it is closest to the Japanese style.7 ideas for creating a minimalistic garden.


7 ideas for creating a minimalistic garden

Key elements of landscape style minimalism


The composition can be traced in the layout of the site. When planning a plot, it is not divided into separate expressive zones, they are organized rather conditionally: the plot is presented as a Studio. If there are level differences on the site, you can use them as conditional lines that separate zones.

Clear straightness

The shape and line of each element of the plot is very clear and emphasized as much as possible. Any confusion in this style is completely absent. Therefore, the lines of the tracks should be expressive. They are organically combined with paved areas, which can be 2 – 3 in the garden.

Clear straightness

Simple materials without excessive texture

The paving material can be concrete or large slabs. If the grounds are based on wooden decking, then you can also use wood for paving paths.

Garden stairs

Stairs connecting the level differences are also a very important decorative element. Their shape can be very diverse – from traditional rectangular steps to triangular ones, and they can be arranged in a spiral or with a shift to the side.

Simple materials without excessive texture

Discreet colors

And again, it is important to emphasize-the emphasis is on the shape and material, and the color of the material plays a secondary role, it is quite restrained. The most commonly used colors are terracotta, white, beige, and silver. Bright accents are allowed, but their number is strictly limited to 1-2, maximum 3. But these bright accents don’t have to be flashy.

Artificial reservoir

An artificial pond will complement the garden well. The size of the reservoir will depend on the size of the site, but its shape should be clear-round, rectangular or oval.

7 ideas for creating a minimalistic garden

Plants in the style of minimalism. 7 ideas for creating a minimalistic garden.

Selection of plants for the garden in the style of minimalism is a real design art. A sense of style and measure is what a designer should be guided by. Plants do not just need to be combined with each other, they must combine the entire garden into a single integral composition. Brightness and variegation are excluded, priority is given to the shape and size of plants. Therefore, the use of conifers, both trees and shrubs, is ideal for this style. Silver, blue spruce and pyramidal, columnar juniper and the cypress, arborvitae, maple is the perfect option for the minimalist.

For vertical gardening use maiden grapes, ivy. If the lawn is provided, it is an independent part of the garden, without any additions and decorations. A successful design move can be considered mono-flowerbeds of plants of the same color.

Ideal for creating flower beds suitable cereals, sedge, various kinds of mosses and ferns. Flower beds should be expressive, but small. For a small plot, you can create a flower garden from plants in containers. The shape of the container is clear and geometric. Material ceramic, concrete.

Plants in the style of minimalism

Concise garden decorations

It is necessary to decorate the garden, but without frills: abstract sculpture, boulders of unusual shape, balls, mirrors, lamps will add a zest to the minimalistic garden, make it more interesting.

decorations and furniture in a minimalist style

Garden furniture in a minimalist spirit.7 ideas for creating a minimalistic garden.

Finally, a few words about garden furniture. Furniture is chosen light, without any pretentiousness. Preference is usually given to plastic or aluminum.

What is the reason for the popularity of garden minimalism?

First of all, it is fashionable, fresh and practical
Secondly, this design is suitable for even the smallest area
A minimalistic garden does not require large expenses for either arrangement or care.

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