How to make an environmentally friendly home interior?

How to make an environmentally friendly home interior?

You can make the interior of your home environmentally friendly! Eco-style in the interior allows you to touch nature, has a positive effect on a person and creates a cozy atmosphere at home! How to make an environmentally friendly home interior?

Eco-style design is natural, environmentally friendly materials. It is preferable to use it in the decor of the interior of the house – wood, clay, stone. They are aimed at improving air quality and reducing the environmental impact during use and during their disposal. You can make the interior of your home environmentally friendly!

Cleaning the house

The first step to creating a less toxic home is to get rid of clutter, furniture and decor. This doesn’t mean you need to have a completely empty space, but consider removing the extra items during the peak allergy season. All accessories and furniture should be easy to clean.


When cleaning, always use products marked as non-toxic. It is necessary to remove excess books, magazines and other items from the sleeping place to reduce the accumulation of dust. Make sure that there are as few surfaces and parts as possible on which dust can accumulate.

Natural materials. How to make the interior of the house environmentally friendly?

Avoid interior items made of synthetic materials. For an eco-style interior, we choose the most comfortable and natural furniture! Solid wood products that do not contain harmful chemical compounds. Forget about plastic chairs and tables. To make the interior of your home environmentally friendly, you need furniture made of natural materials.

Natural textiles and finishes

Also in eco-style, we prefer natural fabrics.We use materials for pillows, mattresses, upholstery materials and bedding made of linen, cotton, wool. In the interior of the house we use elements of nature! The decoration of the room is made of natural materials: wood, tiles and water-based paints.


Carpets and rugs should be created from natural fibers, for example, wool, cotton, jute, and not from synthetic materials!

The use of anti-allergenic covers for pillows, blankets and mattresses is a great option. It also prolongs the life of your bed linen. Make sure they have zippers for full protection.

Any wall decoration can be made of wood, ceramic or cork.

Floors should be made of stone or wood. Instead of vinyl flooring, for example, use wood, cork or linoleum.

Bed linen. How to make an environmentally friendly home interior?

Look for certified bedding that does not contain dyes and synthetic chemicals. Made of 100% bamboo. This fabric removes moisture and minimizes unpleasant odors. It also maintains an average lower temperature (four degrees lower) and humidity 50% lower than most materials. Thus, it is ideal for people who sweat at night. An old pillow may show a serious allergy symptom.

Bed linen
Bed linen

Use hypoallergenic pillows on top of down pillows and use a protective zipper cover that you will wash weekly to get a double barrier. Alternatively, use a home machine with an extra load and warm water, and dry it at low rpm with two tennis balls for fluff. Or give down pillows to the dry cleaner.

If you are allergic to dust, avoid fabric curtains because they collect dust.It is also better to avoid artificial wood for blinds. Change them to bamboo or wooden ones. There are many eco-friendly options.

Shower curtain

Always choose nylon material for the shower curtain. Allergy sufferers need to take frequent showers to remove pollen and pet hair from their bodies. But phthalate chemicals in vinyl curtains emit chemical odors with humidity and heat, and attract mold.

For people with allergic sensitivity, these odors can cause narrowing of the respiratory tract and even provoke an asthma attack. Replace your vinyl curtains with nylon ones that can be washed and are less susceptible to mold formation.

Mold is not just a problem with bathroom tiles. Mold is a powerful trigger for allergies and asthma, and it’s more common than you might imagine. Watch out for mold in the dishwasher and refrigerator, in your air conditioning system and on any wood, paper or cotton materials that have been in the water for too long.


Prevent mold before it starts. How to make an environmentally friendly home interior?

Mold can appear at any time of the year. Use a dehumidifier in rooms with low ventilation, such as basements.

Bathrooms without windows or with insufficient ventilation can be a hotbed of mold and mildew. The heated towel rail not only prevents the growth of mold and mildew, but also makes the bathroom very stylish.


Floor covering

Allergy sufferers should avoid carpeting. Cork flooring is best suited for allergy sufferers because it has natural antimicrobial and flame retardant properties. But if you need carpet, then 100% wool is a great option.

Eco-style decor

Wicker baskets are perfect for storing things, natural brushes, woven eco-friendly reusable bags for storing vegetables and fruits, which perfectly replace plastic bags and do not pollute the environment! Glass, wooden and wicker storage containers look beautiful in the interior, filling it with life and natural atmosphere. As well as wood already in use, it has found a new life as a decoding mirror.


Use live plants to decorate the whole house! It will look elegant, and you will also take care of your health and general well-being.

Plants have a significant impact on human life and will bring great benefits to people predisposed to allergies.

Clean the air;
They produce oxygen abundantly;
Humidify the air;
Reduce stress.

Today, eco-style is not only ecological materials, but also the possibility of their disposal or further use after processing, causing minimal harm to nature during construction and operation, creating the most comfortable living environment for a person.