Honey massage: beauty secrets. School of natural cosmetics

Honey massage: beauty secrets. School of natural cosmetics

Just imagine: twilight, candles, soft relaxing music and a sweet honey aroma, reminiscent of summer meadows, starry nights and the triumph of life in its brightest colors. Honey massage: beauty secrets.

Today we will talk about honey massage – a truly unique way to combat body imperfections and cleanse the body of toxins. The unique healing properties of honey have been known for a long time — since the ancient world.
The benefits of honey are due to its composition: there is also a huge amount of trace elements (iron, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, calcium, iodine, zirconium, chromium, lead, boron, vanadium, molybdenum). And vitamins (group B, C, E, H, K, PP, provitamin A), sugars (fructose, glucose).

The healthy substances contained in honey are easily absorbed by the body, benefit health and beauty. But let’s return to beauty, leaving the antibacterial and other properties of honey for medical reviews.

What happens during a honey massage? Honey massage: beauty secrets.

What happens during a honey massage, how will it help us find a beautiful figure and flawless skin? Slightly warming up the muscles with his hands, the masseur applies honey to the body and “smears” it into the skin of the massaged with slow, viscous movements.

Honey. Photos from pixabay

After the honey is absorbed into the body, saturating it with trace elements and vitamins. They begin to “knock it out” by making light patting movements, gradually increasing the intensity and in the final phase of the massage bringing them to quite intense slaps.

Absorbed, honey gives all its benefits and at the same time takes away and brings out the waste products of cells, sebaceous and sweat glands, small skin particles. At the same time, we receive both internal cleansing of the body and external peeling.

During any massage, including honey, the flow of blood and lymph accelerates, therefore, the nutrition of all tissues improves, organs and muscles are saturated with oxygen. Thanks to the enhanced lymph flow, the body gets rid not only of toxins, but also of the worst enemy of beautiful thighs – cellulite!

After all, cellulite is nothing but lymphostasis – a stagnant phenomenon in subcutaneous fat. Honey massage also helps to reduce the volume in problem areas due to the same property – the ability to improve the trophism of massaged areas.

Honey facial massage. Honey massage: beauty secrets.

A separate topic is honey facial massage! This is a truly miraculous procedure, after which the oval is significantly tightened, the skin turgor increases, the skin looks clean and healthy. And if you choose buckwheat honey for facial massage, you will also get an excellent portion of antioxidants, prolonging your youth.

In terms of time, the massage of one zone takes about 10-15 minutes, and it is important not to overdo it! When waxy white-gray flakes turn out to be under the hands of a masseur instead of a viscous mass of golden color, it means that honey has done its job: it has given us all its benefits and absorbed all the slags and toxins from our skin.

Natural ingredients
Natural ingredients. Photos from pixabay

The remnants of honey from the skin are usually removed with a towel soaked in hot water, or take a hot shower. After cleansing the skin, it should be moisturized by applying a special cream or any vegetable oil (coconut, peach and apricot seed oil, etc.).

A course of 10-15 honey massage procedures gives a great result: the silhouette literally changes before our eyes, excess volumes melt, and the skin becomes healthy, radiant and pleasant to the touch. Try honey massage to feel the result of the healing effects of honey, given to us by nature itself.

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