How to increase your activity and energy

How to increase your activity and energy?

A good mood, inspiration, enthusiasm, and a desire to create are signs of a sufficient amount of strength in a person. Often during the day, we do not notice how we waste our strength. And in the evening, when I come home, I want to lie down, close my eyes, and not move. How to increase your activity and energy?

Disputes, criticism, advice, and assessments are emotions through which huge volumes of our forces merge. We eat right, exercise, drink enough water, and observe a sleep and rest regime, but our strength drains away through empty and meaningless conversations.

Don’t argue, but be surprised

“You may be infinitely right, but what’s the point?”. Is it important for you to always be right? Are you arguing and proving the only correct opinion? Can’t you imagine for a minute that someone else might have an opinion different from yours? And even more so if this other person is your loved one. Do you understand the price you pay for always being right?

And you should have seen your face at the moment of the dispute! An unpleasant sight. Do you feel that just like that, to nowhere, at the moment of a quarrel, you exhaust your strength? Moreover, both your own strength and the strength of the one you are arguing with? What will change in the world if you say, “Yes, well, are you right?”

Don’t criticize without asking, but provide support. How to increase your activity and energy?

When you criticize someone, at that moment you broadcast a message: “I’m better than you.” Do you really think so? That you’re better than someone else? Fix the crown, O great one! What could be better?
We are people, some big, some small, and yes, we all have different capabilities and resources. And we all have exactly the same nature – we are human. When you arrogantly wrinkle your nose, frown, and broadcast to the world. That you are better than others, right at this moment you are de-energizing yourself and depriving yourself of the opportunity to attract attention, interest, joy, surprise, and something else very important.

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Don’t give advice, but mind your own business

Of course, if you are a highly paid specialist and there are prices for the cost of an hour, then give advice for money. If you are an ordinary person, then by giving out free advice on how to live, what to eat, and where to go, you are wasting your life and your strength on empty conversations. And what is the purpose of your advice? Maybe it’s worth sharing this real intention with your loved ones. How long have you been saying you love them?

Don’t rate

How nice it is to gossip about the very colleagues you secretly envy! Why is the world so unfair? No, on the contrary: strength appeared, and financial well-being grew out of gossip. To my great regret, there is a different world order on this planet.

Gossiping, drain your time into the sewer, it could be spent on cooking dinner for the family. You lose energy – it could be directed to a new project or writing an article. You combine opportunities – to relax, read, draw, and get acquainted. It’s a shame. It is possible, of course, that for you these are not very large fees for worthless gossip.

Do not interrupt, but train your will, interrupting, you show that you are not confident in yourself. How to increase your activity and energy?

You definitely need to insert your very meaningful word. It’s hard to hold back and be silent. It is necessary to show your mind, otherwise, suddenly it will not be noticed?! They will also think that you are completely stupid if you keep silent. By interrupting, you show that you do not respect the one who is now saying that you do not care about his message. Do you think you’re better than others again? Or are you so weak that you can’t control your speech flow? These are secrets that work 100%.

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Calm your mind

Emotional background, motivation, and even physical condition depend on what thoughts are spinning in our heads. The headache is not from scratch, usually, we are talking about the unrealization or overload of unresolved problems. Keep your mind clean by following your plans and implementing ideas.

Unload the brain

To put things in order in your thoughts, create a page or file on your computer in a notebook where you write down what bothers, and takes away energy, and attention. What actions have been taken to solve it? What hasn’t been done yet? What resource is needed for the solution? If this resource appeared, what would I do right now? Action leads to a result – unlike inaction.

Plan ahead

In addition to the list of work cases, meetings, and meetings, make a plan for personal affairs, development, and training. Daily rest planning will help to maintain an active rhythm throughout the year. You can save your procrastinator – the principle of planning not with the mind works well here (do one, do two, do three), but an intuitive approach. This means that from the menu of the to-do list for a week or a month, the one that will give the greatest state of joy, satisfaction, and energy for the next actions is selected right now.
Dream on
Visualization affects the neural connections of the brain, which lead out of the usual emotional state and activate lightness, motivation, and satisfaction. Meditation, representation of the desired future, making a collage of dreams, inspiring screensavers on the computer, or phone, and paintings on the walls with places where you want to visit will help. Fix the states that you experience when you dream and observe which people, events, and information will begin to appear in life.

a positive person
A positive person. Photo from pixabay

 Balance your emotions. How to increase your activity and energy?

The level of our energy and happiness is influenced by what emotions and in what amount we experience during the day. If you are overwhelmed with irritation, resentment, envy, and anger, then your vibration level is below the baseboard. Instead of taking responsibility for your life, you start looking for someone to blame, and the energy drains away. Establish a trusting contact, first of all, with yourself, start listening to your voice and being aware of your needs. And to improve the quality of emotions, try the following recipe.

Use the vibration of plants

Aromatherapy with the help of essential oils affects our limbic system, harmonizes the psycho-emotional background, and also creates a healing effect. They contain the power of plants. The use of lemon oil in the aroma lamp increases concentration during work. Lavender and sandalwood are good to add to the bath to calm down and relax. Tea trees will help with pustular inflammation and as a prevention of antiviral diseases – it is enough to anoint the sinuses of the nose with it.

Create your own personal space
A place and time when you can be alone with yourself, without conversations, gadgets, or external information sources. When the space at home does not allow it, walk around the city. At this time, track your emotions: what thoughts and images cause joy and fullness, and what leads to anger or apathy.

The images can be both external and those that pop up in your memory. The source is unimportant. Your reaction and the actions following it are important. Explore your inner world and become clearer to yourself. This will help you learn how to build boundaries, say no to people and relationships you don’t need, and create trusting harmonious contacts with loved ones, and partners.

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7 rules for the release of creative energy. How to increase your activity and energy? 

To keep track of what gives and what takes away energy. Make your own directory of power engineers, noting that it can recharge in 5 minutes, in an hour, over the weekend. Every day, in the morning or in the evening, do 1-2 classes from the list of the main “power engineers”.
Every day find an opportunity to be in inner silence and awareness, walking, feeling the steps or sitting, watching the breathing.
Get out for walks, events, workouts, or massages every week.
If you feel tired, choose the appropriate way to recharge from your list.
Try something new every month that inspires other people. Open up and share your discoveries with friends.
After the likes come interesting recommendations and invitations.

Please be full of strength, joy, lightness, and happiness!