Why is it so important to get rid of everything old and obsolete?

Why is it so important to get rid of everything old and obsolete?

Take a look around and evaluate how many unnecessary things take up space in your space: at home, in the workplace, in the country, in the car. These items store the energy of the past, are often associated with memories or events that no longer have any meaning, but have a decent statute of limitations. Why is it so important to get rid of everything old and obsolete?

It is necessary to part with this cargo without regret. A bold step will bring a sense of renewal, spaciousness, and a fresh flow of energy will circulate in the vacant place. The same effect can be achieved with general cleaning in your head.

Why do we keep things. Why is it so important to get rid of everything old and obsolete?

Why we keep things “Just in case it might come in handy”, “if the fashion returns”, as well as the banal “it’s a pity to give or throw away” are the most common reasons for collecting. The closets hide things that have not been used for years.

It’s a pity to throw away so-called things-relics, donated gizmos, figurines of the symbols of the year, souvenirs from trips. They are associated with the emotions experienced, they can cause nostalgia, but they do not bring any benefit.

Why do we keep things
Why do we keep things. Photos from pixabay

People living in rented apartments understand how much they will have to pay for the transportation of unnecessary things. At the next change of housing, everything is found that is collected in large black bags and then sent to garbage containers.

Storing things is related to our need for security, security and stability. Things from the past evoke memories and positive emotions, which leads to an increased sense of social connection. And, at the same time, the feeling that the past was better than the present.

Rules for parting with things. Why is it so important to get rid of everything old and obsolete?

Rules for parting with things, it is better to conduct an audit in your home in several approaches. At once, you will definitely not be able to sort through the wardrobe, shelves, hallway, balcony, as well as shelves in the bathroom, trunk and glove compartment. One part will definitely be thrown away, the other will be transferred to those in need, for recycling or sold on special sites.

The first thing that should be sent to the bucket is a warehouse of absolute junk. This includes receipts from purchases, old cosmetics, dishes with chips. And empty boxes from something (probably, they can also store excess), clothes, accessories with flaws or have not been relevant for a long time.

Rules for parting with things
Rules for parting with things. Photos from pixabay

It is also necessary to boldly part with a thing when, holding it in your hands, you feel not the energy of joy, but only the message “what if it comes in handy”.

In the organization of personal space, the most universal method is to surround yourself only with your favorite things. Things sort them by category: first, carry out an audit in clothes, then shoes, bags, jewelry, sports and beach items, then sort out bookshelves, cosmetic bags, bedside tables with small things, kitchen utensils, household appliances and so on.

When cleaning, there will certainly be a whole box of identical things. What pleases more should be left out of them. A separate story for many of us develops with books, that if you have not read the book already, you will never read it.

Getting rid of unnecessary things, you can gradually learn to stop making spontaneous purchases.

Bucket Alternative. Why is it so important to get rid of everything old and obsolete?

Things in good condition can be posted on special sites without inflating the price, after all, we are talking about reuse. Put such a cost so that the thing goes away quickly, and it does not have to lie in the virtual world as well. If the item is not sold within 2-3 months, give it to those in need or for recycling.

Many superstitious people believe that things store energy, and when they are released or transferred, negative manifestations and so on are possible. In this case, it seems to me that high-quality washing and emotional letting go of things inside is enough. In my many years of experience, I have never encountered various kinds of strange or negative phenomena.

Why do we keep things
Bucket Alternative. Photos from pixabay

Getting rid of internal ballast. Why is it so important to get rid of everything old and obsolete?

Getting rid of negative emotions, stress and other negativity should also be done in time, without waiting for the accumulated charge to become so much that a visit to a psychologist or psychotherapist will be inevitable. If we are not talking about some difficult life situations, disorders and those cases when only a professional with extensive experience will help, it is worth trying a number of available ways.

Write a sincere letter

There are a lot of writing techniques for getting rid of worries, fears, anger and resentment now. The essence is the same: you write out absolutely everything that you don’t like and torments for a long time, what and who frankly irritates and does not allow you to live in peace, hardships from the past that are difficult to forget, etc. Here it is important to openly state negative thoughts, not to pay attention to the folding of phrases and spelling. This “sheet of negativity” is best torn up and thrown away or burned.

Knock out emotional garbage with physical discharge

Internal blocks and spinning thoughts in the head are well beaten out by sports. It seems to be known and obvious to everyone, but for some reason few people use it. There is no subscription to the gym or pool, you can always run in the park, ride a bike, and even walk at a brisk pace around the area. At the same time, imagine that with the energy spent, emotional and psychological blocks, all the negativity, go away.

Getting rid of internal ballast
Getting rid of internal ballast. Photos from pixabay

Connect the energy of the elements

Personally, methods of working with the elements are suitable for me: burn the negative with fire (candles); wash it off with water under the shower or through visualization at a reservoir (river); pull it through the ground, standing with bare feet on the grass; through the air – with the help of aromatherapy and incense. At the same time, it is important to scroll the negative deposits internally, accept them and let them go.

Meditation, yoga, breathing, therapy with music and various sounds

When used correctly, spiritual practices and other techniques can achieve an effect on the path to inner freedom and renewal. After all, the first step has already been taken, you are trying to remove garbage and blocks, and not hide them further into the “bowels” of the head, soul and heart.

Getting rid of internal ballast
Getting rid of internal ballast. Photos from pixabay

As with many other things in life, regularity is important in clearing the external and internal space. After the revision, the closet and shelves will be neat and clean for the first time. As well as in the head after the practice done. After some time it will be necessary to repeat general cleaning. Liberation is a fascinating process.


Managing negative Emotions. Why is it so important to get rid of everything old and obsolete?

“Managing” negative emotions is a complex task. It definitely does not mean avoiding your feelings, because this approach has the opposite effect — emotions accumulate and intensify. Nor does it suggest that dealing with negative emotions will damage your life, relationships, or work. On the contrary, if we do not work with our anger, for example, then at some point the suppressed aggression will flare up and force us to break firewood.

Managing negative emotions is: – accepting the fact that we have these feelings — determining the reason why we feel this way — allowing ourselves to receive signals from these emotions before we let them go and move forward. This statement may seem a little strange, but our emotions are really just data or signals designed to tell us something very important about us.

Getting rid of internal ballast
Getting rid of internal ballast. Photos from pixabay

The better we listen to them, the more truth we discover about ourselves and what makes us happy and what doesn’t. Managing negative emotions also means that we don’t let them take over us. We can keep them under control without denying that we feel them.