How to awaken intuition and creative thinking?

How to awaken intuition and creative thinking?

Insensitivity to oneself is a common and natural result of accelerating the pace of life. The development of creative thinking, intuition, building inner peace — all this is part of the field of important and non-urgent. How to awaken intuition and creative thinking?

Skills and qualities, the study of which can significantly enrich life. Here everyone is responsible only to himself: there will be no deadlines, broken deadlines, and there will be no external encouragement. But it is important and non-urgent matters that fill life with meaning and form a special path for everyone.

How to awaken intuition?

Learn to listen to the inner voice; not be afraid to ask and find answers. To admit that you don’t know something very important about yourself yet. And want to know. Not to invent, not to adopt from others, but to find your own.

#1. Setting up the subconscious. How to awaken intuition and creative thinking?

Intuition is an alternative to the logical and rational way of finding answers. Intuition works on a subconscious level and appeals to impressions, knowledge and experience. The connection is set up outside of a person’s control, and the answer comes in the form of a sudden insight. Intuition and creative thinking fuel knowledge, information and impressions as fuel.

How to awaken intuition?
How to awaken intuition? Photos from pixabay

High-quality incoming information teaches you to think in images. Intellectual films, classical literature, lectures, fine art, music, poetry and essays – all this feeds intuition. And a trained intuition can become a real effective tool that you can use in finding your right path.

#2. Surround ourselves with strangers

We need new experiences as much as air, food and sleep. It is common for a person to get stuck in the information comfort zone. Fueled by similar information, the mind goes through a familiar circle. On the contrary, intuition and creative thinking require a variety of impressions.

To develop intuition, you will have to abandon the usual picture of the world and look at the space around with a fresh look: without the usual framework and established ideas. Sometimes, when choosing from two options, it is better to prefer the third. Just because you’ve never done that before.

It will be useful to include people from different spheres in your social circle, without paying attention to age and stereotypes. Learn to keep up a conversation, listen, be interested in the world of others and share their interests. And most importantly – to become an interesting interlocutor yourself.

#3. We are not afraid of loneliness. How to awaken intuition and creative thinking?

joy. Photos from pixabay

The best thoughts come alone with yourself. After a friendly meeting, after reading high-quality content, visiting an exhibition or an open lecture hall, from the point of view of developing intuition and creative thinking, it is more effective to experience new impressions in silence.

Arrange regular rituals of loneliness: go out for a walk or stay at home alone. Develop the habit of spending time alone with yourself. Do not get distracted, with your favorite music, which suggests meaningful thoughts, and does not stand as a safe buffer between you and your consciousness.

How often we are afraid of our inner voice. We are looking for any company, just not to be alone. However, intuition will not speak in the presence of outsiders.

#4. Learning to switch

But what if disturbing thoughts rush through your head without stopping? At such moments, you need to switch. High-quality films and books with an exciting plot will help best of all.

A good film will help you to completely transfer yourself into the author’s world and distance yourself from the need to find a solution for your own difficult situation here and now. At the same time, your pressing questions will not go away.

joy. Photos from pixabay

The subconscious mind will still be busy searching for a solution. As practical intuition shows, the answer will be qualitatively different than the tortured and suffered one.

#5. We equip our personal space. How to awaken intuition and creative thinking?

To develop creative thinking, you will need a suitable space in which you feel safe. A room with soft light. An armchair or pillows on a fluffy carpet. A desktop with a stack of thick paper notebooks. Bright stylish kitchen.

Or maybe it’s your laptop, in which everything is perfectly organized into a coherent system of folders? If you feel calm in this place, you can concentrate, come up with something special and bring it to life – then you have not made a mistake with the choice and arrangement of a personal creative space.

We equip our personal space
We equip our personal space. Photos from pixabay

# 6. Sharing experiences. How to awaken intuition and creative thinking?

The total amount of information is growing exponentially. The content itself is less and less interesting. The eye stops at a few lines of witty comment under a photo on Facebook, and meaningful criticism sometimes turns out to be more interesting than the film or performance itself.

What’s the point? Share information. Recycle, search for meaning, criticize. This is how we turn to our opinion, try to understand our attitude to what is happening and become a part of it.