Where to get vital energy and how to keep it in balance?

Where to get vital energy and how to keep it in balance?

Everyone has periods of take-off, when you do a lot of things in one breath, you have time to do sports, meet friends and do a lot of other useful and pleasant things. Where to get vital energy and how to keep it in balance?

At this time, the gray rainy weather seems romantic, you mentally thank a friend who is late for a meeting for the opportunity to read an interesting article, even the rudeness that flew out of someone’s mouth sounds funny and does not catch at all.

But sometimes this state is replaced by fatigue, irritability, a feeling of absolute confusion when you can’t concentrate for hours and do the necessary work. At such moments, even the little things are annoying. You look in the mirror and you don’t like yourself, you go to the hairdresser and leave with irritation, because everything is wrong. And you don’t know how to do it yourself. Friends try to cheer you up, but it only gets on your nerves.

Are you familiar with these two states? Where to get vital energy and how to keep it in balance?

You have already guessed that the two described states are associated with the presence and absence of internal energy. How often do we hear these words. Energy is everywhere, without it there would be no life. It would seem, take it, what are the problems? But for some reason, sometimes it is either difficult to dial it, or to keep it. And sometimes neither succeeds.

Where you can recharge with vital energy: – this is the sun and wildlife. Being in nature, try to tune in to its wave. Feel it, feel it. So, when you are near the water, touch it with your hand, close your eyes for a minute and merge with its sounds, absorb its properties, feel how you are filled with its energy. While walking in the forest, lean against a tree, close your eyes for a minute and try to feel its vital rhythm, the movement of juices rushing from the roots throughout the trunk, feel the same process in the spine.

the power of vota
the power of vota. Photo from pixabay

Being in the mountains, open up to the wind, at least for a minute, feel its lightness, omnipresence and freedom, let it in. Sitting by a living fire, look into the flame, into its very core, fill it with warmth and forget about everything for a while. It is this kind of contact with wildlife that can be considered conscious, it charges many times more than an ordinary walk.

Observe a healthy sleep regime. When we sleep, we give the body the opportunity to recover. During sleep, the subconscious mind processes the information, emotions and sensations that you “downloaded” during the day, builds certain programs. You will never do this consciously. This process is directly related to our mental health and even subsequent events.

Eat fresh and healthy food. Remember that when we eat, we allow a lot of invisible elements to enter our body. If the cooked food stands for more than one day, the elements in it die off, the process of decay begins. If they enter the body, the reaction continues inside, which gradually affects health and loss of vital energy – after all, most of it goes to fight toxins. Always strive to eat foods that are least susceptible to heat treatment. The more natural and simpler the food, the more energy it contains.

Fiber. Photo from pixabay

When you eat, don’t watch or read the news, don’t talk a lot. Let this process be conscious. Feel every piece. In this way, food will serve not only to satisfy hunger, but also to purify, increase your internal vibrations, and activate the sensation system. Eating like this, you will never eat a lot and learn to listen, to understand your body. Your tastes and preferences in food will change over time, and then in other aspects of life.

Do sports, because in this case you increase blood circulation, lymph outflow, which leads to cleansing of the body, its rejuvenation. Remember that all systems are interconnected. By strengthening and tightening the body, your face will naturally rejuvenate and retain its individuality, unlike the effect produced by artificial methods that erase it and make you look like others with lips, cheekbones, sometimes even the expression of the eyes.

Try to contemplate beauty. Bypass everything that carries aggression and violence. Keep your emotional world clean, because bad emotions are like stale food, only for the nervous system. The effect is the same – loss of energy. Listen to high-quality music, preferably classical.

Communicate with positive people, get on their wave. It’s like going with the flow, saving energy and having time to enjoy the process.

Where to get vital energy and how to keep it in balance?
Where to get vital energy and how to keep it in balance? Photo from pixabay

Say more good and pleasant things, compliment people, encourage them. You will feel how much energy it will bring you.

Please yourself, this is directly related to our resource state. It can be expressed in various things, ranging from small delicacies in food, taking massage sessions, visiting a beauty salon, painting, hobbies, music, to pleasant and easy shopping. Love yourself.

How not to lose energy. Where to get vital energy and how to keep it in balance?

Energy is a very valuable fuel for all the processes of our life, for the implementation of our projects. Both external and internal interference can provoke its loss.

External energy consumers. Where to get vital energy and how to keep it in balance?

Don’t talk too much about small things, don’t gossip. This seemingly harmless activity requires decent energy costs.

Avoid communicating with friends who like to pour out their soul to you and complain about their lives for a long time. This is one of the types of vampirism that completely drains your life force. This applies both to live communication and by phone.

If someone has offended you with an offensive word, try not to think about it for a long time, but rather learn not to be offended. Thinking helps. I love this word because it accurately conveys the essence of the most effective tool for expanding consciousness. Reflect on the fact that it is impossible to please everyone, that each person has his own world, his own reactions and the reasons that generate them. In the course of reflection, you will discover your unique understanding of a particular process, gain wisdom. Let the other person express himself – this is his own reaction and, believe me, you have an indirect relationship to it, often just acting as an involuntary trigger. — Don’t speak ill of anyone or anything. Try to get around this topic.

the power of the mountain
the power of the mountain. Photo from pixabay

 Don’t speak ill of anyone or anything. Try to avoid this topic or speak neutrally. The concepts of “bad” and “good” are very relative. Leave it to the awareness of the one who commits, in your opinion, an unseemly act. Exude positivity.

Do not listen and do not talk for a long time about grief and all the incidents associated with it. It is better to help with some significant action, if it is in your power. Just a few words of support coming from the heart are worth a lot.
Which can absorb our energy from within. – A restless mind, rushing from one occupation to another. If you feel this state in yourself, it’s better to pause, sit down, close your eyes and breathe. Stay in this state for at least 9 minutes. After that, start doing what your mind will give out first in the list of priorities, bringing it to the end.

Regrets about the past, memories of the past. As soon as you catch yourself going back to failed projects in the past and start thinking that you could have done differently, stop. You’re just wasting a lot of energy on real projects. You did the best you could at that point in time.

Do not conduct an internal dialogue, do not think over the same annoying thought for a long time. Viruses and parasites get started in our mental programs, as well as in the body. Their task is food, survival. Their food is your energy. When you scroll through the same thought in your mind for a long time, it starts to turn on emotionally, and this is already a flow of energy going in an unnecessary direction. How to recognize them? A thought that does not give you rest, scrolling in your brain like a jammed record is a symptom of a parasite. What to do? Don’t feed him. If you can actually do what you’re thinking about, do it and forget it. Of course, if you can, occupy your mind with something, if it’s difficult, dance, do sports, at least 10 minutes.

goodness. Photo from pixabay

Don’t give in to doubts. Doubt is an energy eater. If this is a doubt at the level of intuition, barely flickering, but going deep from the inside, it is better to act in favor of this doubt. If doubt takes the form of the above-described thoughts of parasites, act according to the algorithm of the previous paragraph.

Don’t be impressed by other people’s stories, thereby giving your energy to other people’s projects. It’s better to take up the plot of your life, bring something new and unforgettable into it.

How to manage energy?

Intent and attention. According to the universal rule for all times: “Where attention is, there is energy.” Remember this, reflect on it and skillfully use your life fuel.

Keep the energy balance. Where to get vital energy and how to keep it in balance?

It is important not only to gain energy, but also to keep it in balance. The place of balancing is the heart. Keep your heart clean, focus your attention on it. Let it be the center that will help you to catch the balance of life. If you feel a heaviness on your heart, sit down, close your eyes and put all your attention into it. Breathe and let the energy do its thing, do not analyze the process.

goodness. Photo from pixabay

Nine minutes will be enough for you to recover. Skillfully gaining energy without wasting it on unnecessary things and maintaining internal balance, you will always feel happy and fulfilled person, even if at this moment you are doing ordinary things. Life is an interesting game in which every little thing brings joy. The main thing is that everything you do is fun.