How can a woman achieve confidence in life?

How can a woman achieve confidence in life?

To understand what your life strategy is – confident or not? Think about how often you make decisions on your own? Relying only on yourself? How can a woman achieve confidence in life?

Without regard to the authoritative opinion or advice of a friend? If more often you are looking for support for your decision from other people, it means that you have a strategy for the life of an insecure person.

Absolute confidence is when you make 99% of the decisions in your life on your own, relying only on your inner feelings and your own competencies. And only in 1% of cases this can happen with a consultation with a specialist, for example, a doctor or your financial adviser.

Still, why is this happening? Why are women looking for support and support from the outside?

confidence in a woman
confidence in a woman. photos from pixabay

Firstly, it is public pressure. Society does not welcome the absolute autonomy of women and their independence. From early childhood we learn that what you have to do is more important than what you feel.

About then the connection with oneself begins to be lost, the external begins to prevail over the internal, the sense of self is determined by how others perceive and evaluate you: parents, wives / husbands, children, bosses, colleagues. A socially approved position is a woman’s attachment to her family, husband and children.

Secondly, the lack of self-belief. Or rather, the lack of trust in yourself and your inner voice. Women in the modern world live more on the male principle. The urban rhythm strongly distances us from the body, drowning out the ability to listen and hear ourselves. Excessive tension blocks internal information flows.

Thirdly, it is the need for approval by other people. This program is embedded in childhood and works at the survival level.

A rhetorical question: “And what to do?” We take actions in three directions – intuition, erudition, communication.

confidence in a woman
confidence in a woman. photos from pixabay

So, the plan of movement:

1. Intuition. How can a woman achieve confidence in life?

To begin with, remember that you have it. Someone has less developed intuition, someone has more. But everyone has it. This is your sixth sense and you can trust it. The main task is to learn how to interact with it.

2. Erudition

Improve your competencies. In a new field, we always feel insecure, but as you master everything new and new, you will begin to understand that you are able to draw independent conclusions and make personal judgments. And don’t be afraid to do it. Go to training courses, upgrade your professional level, develop your creative potential. Learn foreign languages. Read more literature, different – classical, specialized, popular, professional.

3. Communication. How can a woman achieve confidence in life?

The skill of high-quality communication in our world is welcome and simply necessary. Even if you are an introvert, start communicating with people. Both in virtual space and in real life. Make new acquaintances. Learn networking. In order to make it easier to win people over and establish contacts, practice the exercise “I love you”. Every day, send 5 people, familiar and unfamiliar, a mental message “I love you.”

You direct your love to a specific person. This practice works great with conflicted people, they become pink and fluffy. A confident life strategy is something that trains. The world presents its own rules and standards. He’s unstable.

One authority today, another tomorrow. Today, this is black, and this is white. Tomorrow is the opposite. Therefore, it is necessary to develop self-confidence, faith and trust. Then the chaos of life will not be able to shake you much. You will be stable. This is what is required for psychological and physical health.

confidence in a woman
confidence in a woman. photos from pixabay

You are comfortable in this, because in this inevitable relationship you maintain your integrity. You are always there – and from this support, from this equilibrium center, any contacts are built more harmoniously, easier.

Communicate with purposeful, ambitious, brave, kind, confident individuals. They will charge you with energy, positive. You will strive to become better, start doing yourself, your self-education. Start working on thinking. And life will change dramatically.

How to achieve this?

It requires a willingness to go deep into yourself, when faced with complex feelings, and sometimes with frightening emptiness, regular practice of mindfulness or therapy is needed, and most importantly – your included attention.

It is necessary to constantly monitor how you feel, what you feel, what you think about yourself. How you talk to yourself in internal dialogues, how you define yourself at every moment of time, what you really want without regard to how it is accepted or correct that you really love.


In case of health problems, do not self-medicate, consult a doctor.