How to use essential oils to increase activity, vigor and energy?

How to use essential oils to increase activity, vigor and energy?

In the off-season, in winter with a short light day, people are overtaken by melancholy. How to pass this period as easily and cheerfully as possible. How to use essential oils to increase activity, vigor and energy?

Where does cheerfulness disappear?

Does it happen that you experience a lack of motivation? If you realize that you don’t want to do something, maybe you really don’t need it. It is worth rearranging the plans, deleting the unpleasant business from the schedule.

To do this, you can even inhale cooling aromatic oils: peppermint, rosemary, lemon eucalyptus. Do the same with a difficult situation: just go into it, start doing it. Solving new problems is our growth zone and the growth of new neural connections.

If all of the above is not about you, you need to understand: why is there no energy and motivation? Because you didn’t sleep well, you ate unbalanced, you have health problems, and your body just can’t stand the load?

The effect of essential oils on increasing the tonus How to use essential oils to increase activity, vigor and energy?

The effect of essential oils on increasing the tonus
The effect of essential oils on increasing the tonus. Photos from pixabay

If the twilight outside the window and the cold air make you sad in the morning. A warm way of awakening will suit you: a hot shower, tonic, warm, spicy essential oils. Mixtures of lemon and ginger, cloves and orange in an aroma lamp will wake you up, give you a boost of energy.

If you are a fan of “cold awakening”, then a contrast shower, a jog around the house + cooling oils: peppermint, rosemary, lemon eucalyptus will help to cheer up and tune in to a productive day. All these oils tone up the nervous system.

Citrus oils

Citrus fruits are truly considered the most positive, life-affirming oils. They give joy, energy, help to cheer up. Without exception, everything can be used for a good mood, a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day, especially in combination with spices (cinnamon bark, nutmeg, cloves, thyme, oregano).

The smell of red orange gives peace of mind, envelops with warmth.
Sweet orange is good for the first acquaintance with the world of flavors, for children.
If you are a fan of mojito, invigorating freshness, then lime is what you need.
For lovers of traditional flavors, tangerine and lemon will be great helpers. In addition, lemon is also a powerful remedy for colds. It is important to strengthen health during the season of colds and respiratory diseases. When you are unwell, what kind of cheerfulness can you talk about.

Citrus oils
Citrus oils. Photos from pixabay

Tangerine green is recommended to be used to lift the spirit and mood. Inhale deep sweet and sour notes against the background of a rich citrus aroma and feel a wave of joy rolling through your body.
Bittersweet bright grapefruit – for energy, creative action, achieving results.
Whatever citrus oil you choose, it will help the body cope with the autumn blues, loss of strength and motivation, fatigue. It is always better to focus on personal sense of smell and sensations. Individual differing reactions are possible.

Sweet essential oils. How to use essential oils to increase activity, vigor and energy?

Litzea will be loved by sweet tooth, beginners in aromatherapy. The aroma of fresh lollipops, childlike spontaneity will cheer up the body and soul. Aromatic oils eliminate depression, fatigue, regulate overexcitation, reduce fatigue.

Increases concentration of attention, the ability to assimilate information. It works on an emotional, psychoemotional level. Litzea essential oil stimulates the nervous system, so it is especially useful for students after a sleepless night. In addition, the use of this oil in an aroma lamp helps to improve vision, remove the negative effects of the computer and increase immunity.

Like ginger, it is wonderfully combined with citrus fruits, which dilute the sweetness of litzea. Such a mixture in an aroma bottle, an individual inhaler or an aroma lamp will be an excellent assistant for cheerfulness, a positive charge!

Sweet essential oils
Sweet essential oils. Photos from pixabay

Lemongrass, or lemon grass, simultaneously smells of spices, sweets, citrus. Its fragrance is like a jet of refreshing invigorating shower or a gust of cool morning air. The use of this ether turns a sad person into a cheerful, cheerful, full of strength, desire to act.

Spicy essential oils

Stimulating spice oils: black pepper, ginger, cardamom, basil, rosemary. Let’s take a closer look at the impact of each of them on health, memory, and attention.

The use of black pepper has been known for a long time. Black pepper essential oil tones the nervous system, peristalsis, motor skills, “charges” for action.

Ginger aroma oil with a spicy smell of fresh ginger will awaken joy to life, will charge with new emotions. In other words: for cheerfulness and tone, we inhale ginger, and do not drink coffee. Ginger oil is perfectly combined with citrus fruits: orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime. The combined effect of spicy spices and juicy citrus fruits provides positive, joy, mood.

Basil oil relieves panic attacks, anxiety, depression.
Rosemary oil, one of the best oils for increasing brain activity, improving memory, concentration. Mixed with citrus fruits, the effect is enhanced. If there is no rosemary at hand, eucalyptus oil will be a good alternative. Rosemary and basil essential oils improve brain activity, thereby increasing labor productivity. Rosemary promotes concentration and memorization of information.

Spicy essential oils
Spicy essential oils. Photos from pixabay

Cardamom has a spicy, sweet aroma with citrus notes. Tones, invigorates, relieves fatigue, irritation, awakens consciousness, improves brain function. Helps with depression.
A good autumn recipe with cardamom spice: brew black tea, add milk, then toss a few cardamom seeds, let stand for 5-7 minutes. Such a drink charges, tones up better than coffee.

How to use essential oils for vivacity? How to use essential oils to increase activity, vigor and energy?

All methods are simple and well-known.

Aroma diffuser, aroma lamp – put it right after waking up. A couple of drops for every 5 squares of the room.
Aromaculon – 1-2 drops, hang on your neck and breathe while you cook breakfast (10-20 minutes).

Personal inhaler – when help is needed immediately, in transport or elsewhere. Prepare in advance: 10-20 drops on a cotton rod. Take a few breaths if necessary.

If there is not enough cheerfulness, adjust the work and rest mode. Use assistants – essential oils. Their list is impressive, and everyone will be able to choose a pleasant and working fragrance.

We hope that in the autumn and winter days, and just when you are tired, you will certainly replenish the aroma first aid kit with new invigorating, toning, energizing aromas. I wish you an energetic and healthy life!