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Dessert it is most favorite

Dessert it is most favorite

Today it is difficult to imagine our life without the sweet pleasures that we indulge ourselves almost every day, despite the warnings of nutritionists. At the moment, this is my main and favorite pastime. I really love what I am doing, and I try my best to develop in this direction. I really want one …

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Cooking: healthy, tasty, fun.

  Cooking: healthy, tasty, fun. This hobby is not only very exciting, but also useful. Indeed, in addition to creating new original dishes, you can cook healthy food for your health. This is a very entertaining process: come up with tasty, but healthy dishes for your family. How to learn how to cook deliciously? You …

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Brownies with mascarpone

Brownies with mascarpone

I want to share a recipe for brownie with mascarpone. This chocolate cake and mascarpone cream go well together, but I’m not referring to serving brownies with mascarpone cream, but so to speak, baking them together. Although, I like both options. cooking time 1 hour Ingredients. Brownies with mascarpone. For brownie: Chocolate – 7.04 oz …

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