Dessert “S’more”

S’more is a simple and incredibly delicious treat consisting of toasted chewy marshmallows, cookies and chocolate. Traditionally, s’mores was prepared during outdoor recreation by roasting marshmallows over a fire. Dessert “S’more”.

However, the love for this dessert is so great that gradually it began to be prepared in urban conditions — in ovens and microwave ovens. The combination of crunchy cookies, tender melted marshmallows and dark chocolate is incredibly tempting and very delicious. In addition, it turns out two in one – and dessert, and entertainment, because cooking s’mores is exciting, fun and incredibly simple.


Cookie/cracker  12-24 PCs.
Chewing marshmallow(marshmallow)  12-24 PCs.
Black chocolate 12 PCs
Bamboo skewers/long skewers  if necessary

Step-by-step recipe:

To date, there are many versions of cooking S`more, but I want to share with you the simplest, classic version. The classic version of the dessert includes just three ingredients: crunchy crackers or cookies, marshmallow chewy marshmallows and some dark chocolate. The main “feature” of the dessert is in the melted sweet marshmallow, which glues the cookies and gives the dessert integrity.

In its normal state, marshmallow is elastic and dense, but once it is heated, it melts like ice cream in the sun, turning into an incredibly delicious and tender mass. This is exactly the state we need. You can achieve it in many ways: fry on a fire, on the stove, put a portion of marshmallows on cookies and warm in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, or even bake in the oven 356-357 F (180-200 C degrees, 3-5 minutes, until golden).

Toasted marshmallows on the outside will get a golden blush, and inside will become tender and incredibly soft. Place the melted marshmallow on the cookie. Place a piece of chocolate on another cookie. Connect 2 cookies and lightly squeeze with your fingers. Molten, sticky marshmallows “glue” all the components into a single whole, and the heat coming from it will melt the chocolate. Dessert “S’more”.

Option on the theme of classics: use cookies covered with chocolate, instead of the usual. I thought this option was optimal for “hiking” conditions. In nature, the weather does not always allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature for chocolate — it melts if it is too hot, or vice versa — it becomes very hard in the cold. And if you use cookies that are already covered with chocolate, you get a close to the classic combination of flavors, without any extra worries and difficulties. Choose the option according to your mood! In any case, it will be incredibly delicious! Dessert is ready! Enjoy it! Dessert “S’more”.