Smoothie with watermelon

Smoothie with watermelon

Watermelon smoothie. Turn your favorite summer fruit into a wonderful drink. Just do not forget to pre-clean the watermelon from the seeds.

A cold watermelon smoothie on a hot summer day will seem better than a watermelon. This delicious cocktail, like the watermelon itself, cleanses the body.

Watermelon, having cleansing properties, is poorer than other fruits and berries in vitamins, trace elements and fiber. But watermelon contains a lot of the antioxidant lycopene, more than tomatoes, which are considered its traditional source.


For 2 servings:
Small pieces of watermelon 2 cups
Skim milk 1/2 Cup
Ice 2 cups
Oat flakes 2 tablespoons
Energy value 56 kcal

Instruction. Smoothie with watermelon.

Cooking time 10 minutes

Combine the watermelon and milk in a blender, and whisk the oat flakes for 15 seconds until smooth. Then add ice and whisk everything to the desired consistency. Pour into glasses.

You can add greens – leafy salads, spinach. You can also take sheets of white cabbage. This will only enrich the cocktail, without spoiling the taste at all.

Due to the large amount of water in the watermelon, you can almost not add it to smoothies. Instead of water, if desired, you can take live yogurt without sugar, natural greek, or kefir.

A fresh watermelon smoothie turns out to be quite liquid. To make the cocktail more dense, the pulp must be pre-frozen. To do this, it is cut into slices, peeled and pitted, laid out in a single layer on a large plate and sent to the freezer. It is desirable that the pieces do not touch.

You need to freeze for at least 3-4 hours, you can leave the slices in the freezer overnight. The thinner the watermelon is cut, the faster it will freeze. Before cooking, you need to get the right amount in advance and allow a few minutes to lie at room temperature. Bon Appetit!