Fillet of ostrich with a sauce Naartjie

Fillet of ostrich with a sauce Naartjie

We will tell you how to cook a fillet of ostrich with a sauce Naartjie. The sauce (aka marinade) is made from orange juice, dry beef broth, sherry and honey. Such a complex marinade turns the finished dish into a real taste bomb! But remember, ostrich meat is very delicate, so it is not recommended to marinate it for more than an hour.Fillet of ostrich with a sauce Naartjie.

Ostrich meat, the benefits of which have been proven for a long time, has many advantages compared to other types of similar products: low calorie content, high protein content, minimal fat percentage, low cholesterol.

Ostrich meat is a specific and rather delicate product. During its preparation, it is very important not to overdo the meat, otherwise it will turn out dry. To cook ostrich meat correctly, it should be fried in a hot pan in a mixture of butter and olive oil. Salt and pepper it better just before cooking or ready-made. Try not to get carried away with spices, because ostrich meat has a bright taste in itself. This is why it is appreciated by gourmets. By the way, ostrich fillet is great for baking. Do it better in the sleeve, adding vegetables. Such as carrots, onions, celery and fennel.


Designed for 2 servings
Сooking time one hour 30 minutes
Ostrich fillet 17.64 oz
Beef broth powder 1 teaspoon
Orange juice and zest 1 piece
Cream sherry 4 tablespoons
Honey 1 tablespoon
Black pepper to taste
Olive oil 2 tablespoons
Peeled and crushed into slices of fruit on yeast 2 PCs

Fillet of ostrich with a sauce Naartjie
Fillet of ostrich with a sauce Naartjie

Instruction. Fillet of ostrich with a sauce Naartjie.

Pre-remove the ostrich fillet from the refrigerator, let it heat up to room temperature. Pub the ostrich meat with beef broth powder and put it in a shallow dish. It is best to take pieces of fillet of medium thickness, without bones.

Preheat the oven to 392F degrees. Mix the orange juice and its zest, sherry, honey and black pepper until smooth. Pour over the ostrich fillet liberally and marinate for at least 1 hour, so that the meat is saturated with the flavors of the marinade.

Pour the olive oil into a frying pan in the oven and heat for a minute or two. Remove the fillet from the marinade and put it in the hot oil. Fry in the oven for about 5 minutes. Then pour the marinade over the meat. Add the slices to the yeast and fry until tender. However, even here there are some difficulties: you need to be careful not to over-dry, not to over-keep the meat on the fire, to preserve its natural rich taste.

On the side you can offer grilled vegetables, boiled potatoes, leafy salads. Bon Appetit!


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