There really is a lot of power in spices. They make out the taste of the dish, add the desired color to it and emphasize all the best. Of course, this result can be achieved only if you create the right combination of different spices. Today he will tell you what spices for grilled meat will best reveal its taste. Grilled meat spices: what to combine with what?

How are spices suitable for grilled meat

Spices for meat are not necessarily a large number of crushed spices that need to be covered with a dense layer of meat. Sometimes one or two spices are enough. And for marbled beef, this is even more the rule than the exception. It is rubbed with salt, pepper and all — this is enough. However, even salt and pepper can be very unusual and interesting.

For steaks, it is better to use coarse salt, which does not quickly penetrate the fibers and draws moisture from them. Peppers can be different. You will definitely be able to find among all the variety the variety and variety that you will like, even if you are not a fan of spicy. No peppers, none of the seasoning for the grill. And most importantly, peppers can be safely combined with any other spices in the marinade or at the time of cooking on the grill.

How are spices suitable for grilled meat

What should be the set of spices for a barbecue? Rich and varied, because the dish has East Asian roots, and there they do not save on seasonings. A lot of onions are always used for shish kebab. It is added to seasonings for marinating meat in dry or fresh form, used as a side dish. Basil, coriander and garam masala mix are also used for shish kebab.

You can make it yourself by mixing cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, Bay leaf, black pepper, coriander, cumin, cardamom and saffron. These ingredients need to be fried, and then chop everything except the Bay leaf, it is no longer needed. This warm and aromatic mixture, mixed with the aroma of smoke, will give the shish kebab a special Oriental taste.
You can also prepare a preparation of seasoning for shish kebab from coriander and cumin — the basic spices of the East. They like to be together like salt and pepper. Similarly, fry them for 5-7 minutes in a hot frying pan, grind in a mortar and store in a closed glass container. You can use them separately or add them to other barbecue spices.

Spice for grilled meat on the grill

Spice for grilled meat on the grill. Grilled meat spices: what to combine with what?

The spices for grilled meat depend on what kind of meat is used. Beef, lamb, pork, and poultry have different flavors and require different seasonings. The most ideal combinations are traditional recipes, when the best ways of cooking meat in a particular region are developed from generation to generation.

If we are talking about marbled beef, then, as mentioned, simple salt and pepper may be enough. If you want a richer taste, feel free to add notes of Smoking. For this purpose, smoked paprika is suitable. And with it, other peppers are combined: chili, cayenne, black. Also, the seasoning for steaks may include lemon zest or crushed sun-dried tomatoes. Or you can just take and cook the seasoning, which is called — barbecue seasoning. However, the seasoning for beef meat is prepared without salt, it must be added separately before or during cooking.

Grill Mates Montreal Steak Seasoning

What other herbs are suitable for meat? A mixture of spicy herbs khmeli-suneli in a special way reveals the entire aroma and taste of meat dishes. Especially if you prepare it yourself. This will require fenugreek, coriander seeds and dill seeds, as well as coriander and parsley leaves, Bay pepper, chili pepper and saffron. You can also add celery leaves, purple basil and mint. Grind it all in a coffee grinder and use it for seasoning or marinating steaks. If you used fresh leaves, then the seasoning should be used at a time, and if dried, it can be stored for some time.

Spices for grilled chicken and turkey

Grilled meat spices: what to combine with what?

spices for poultry are selected with the same care. Especially if you use the sirloin part of the bird. It is important not to over-dry it. This meat is marinated. For these purposes, marinades on fermented milk products are well suited. They combine ground black pepper, parsley, onion, granulated garlic, nutmeg and paprika. Nutmeg, in addition, has the property of softening meat, so it can be used for harder poultry meat, such as goose.

Seasoning Kick’n Chicken

The best seasonings for poultry meat are those that do not drown out the natural delicate taste and aroma of this meat. Use small amounts of thyme and even smaller amounts of tarragon.

Seasoning for pork on the grill

Grilled meat spices: what to combine with what?

Barbecue pork seasoning can be brighter and richer. In addition, fatty meat can be fried without fear of drying it out. It has no degrees of roasting. You just need to completely fry the entire steak to the very middle. Marinades for pork steaks can be very different. When deciding what to marinate pork steaks in, focus on what foods and spices you like individually. And then make a bouquet.

Gourmet Peppercorn Medley

Here is one example of this combination. Mix, fry and grind the following spices: pink, black, green and white peppers. Yes, put all the colors together. Add the red chili flakes. Also use marjoram, rosemary, fenugreek, granulated garlic, mustard seeds, cumin, coriander and thyme. Use this mixture for a wine marinade with the addition of onions. You can also add a little non — crushed spices directly to the grill- for flavor.

Universal home-made grill seasoning

Grilled meat spices: what to combine with what?

Marbled beef steaks, especially those that are highly marbled, can not be marinated in liquid, but only rubbed with a mixture of herbs and left to soak in all the flavors and aromas for a while. For premium steaks — up to 60 min. Then such meat is rubbed with olive oil. It further reveals the esters contained in spices. Here is one dry marinade for meat recipe. Take black pepper, oregano, smoked paprika, onion powder and granulated garlic, rosemary, thyme, ground red pepper and dried celery root powder. Mix these spices and add the lime zest. The recipe for home-made seasoning for the grill is ready.
It is worth noting that choosing the right spices for grilled meat is an art. It is also an exciting activity, full of experiments and unexpected discoveries. Choose your perfect combination for grilled meat.

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