Hamburgers with Portobello Mushrooms

Hamburgers with portobello mushrooms

In fact, the burgers in this version are very delicious, the combination of caramelized onions with mushrooms is unsurpassed! If such mushrooms were not at hand, you can use less roomy mushrooms. If you use ordinary mushrooms instead of portobello, then their number should be determined based on the size of the cap. If the cap is very small, you can chop the mushrooms finely and fry, mix with tomatoes, pepper, onion and garlic. Hamburgers with portobello mushrooms.

Fragrant and delicious mushroom can be marinated, salted, fried in a pan or grill, stewed in different sauces, sour cream or cream. In addition, it always makes an excellent additive for pizza, omelets, various salads and stews.

The limitation of using these mushrooms in cooking is that their flesh is able to actively absorb moisture. That is why it is advised to reduce the primary processing of mushrooms to a minimum, limiting the cleaning of dirt, and to cook them with the smallest amount of water.

Portobello is also often used in the preparation of various snacks. They are perfect for baking. So, large caps of mushrooms can be stuffed with any fillings and baked in the oven.

The longer you cook this mushroom, the denser it will be and the more pronounced the smell of meat will get.


Portobello mushrooms 1 piece
Olive oil 1 tablespoon
Tomatoes ½ pieces
Garlic 1 clove
Chili pepper ½ piece
Red onion ¼ pieces
Ciabatta 1/2 piece
Lettuce leaves 3 pieces
Truffle oil 1 teaspoon
Emmental cheese 1 tablespoon

Instruction. Hamburgers with Portobello mushrooms.

Cooking time 15 minutes

Finely chop the onion and half a tomato. It would be good to pre-peel the tomato from the skin.

On the grill with olive oil, fry the mushroom cap for about three minutes.

Mix the finely chopped tomatoes, crushed garlic, onion and chopped red chili pepper.

Serve on bread with cheese, lettuce leaves, sauce and mushrooms, dripping a few drops of truffle oil on the contents of the sandwich.

Also, of course, you can play with the ingredients for burgers, change the sequence of calculations – in General, experiment!

It is known that portobello mushrooms are one of the types of mushrooms familiar to us, but larger. Bon Appetit! Hamburgers with Portobello mushrooms.