How to lose weight with pleasure – it's time to start?

How to lose weight with pleasure – it’s time to start?

Specifically allocating time for fitness is not so easy, and the decision to go to the gym is not easy for everyone. I wish I could integrate simple but effective habits into my daily life that will help me get rid of excess weight. How to lose weight with pleasure – it’s time to start?

 Drink enough water. How to lose weight with pleasure – it’s time to start?

For weight loss, water is no less important than food, and many people sometimes have a lot of mistakes with its consumption. Remember that it is with water that our organs receive nutrition, as well as toxins are eliminated from the body.

Start the day with a glass of warm water, maybe with lemon. This helps to start metabolic processes, awaken the body, increase tone and strengthen the immune system. During the day, do not forget to drink from 6 to 8 glasses of pure still water.
To reduce weight, it is useful to drink a glass of water half an hour before meals – this helps you feel full faster and not overeat.

 We eat and lose weight. How to lose weight with pleasure – it’s time to start?

When we lose weight, the principles of nutrition play a crucial role. The main one is the correct mode. In total, you need to eat at least 5-6 times a day in small portions with an interval of 2-3 hours. In between main meals, you can fill up with light snacks in the form of banana, granola or yogurt.

Proteins should make up about a third of the diet. The body spends more energy on their processing than it receives. As a result, extra calories are consumed and the weight goes away. To do this, you need to include white meat, fish, dairy products, beans and eggs in a healthy menu for every day.

healthy food
healthy food.

Slow doesn’t mean bad, especially if it’s carbohydrates. The body digests them for a long time, and the desire to eat something forbidden does not arise. Such carbohydrates are found in cereals, pasta, potatoes and bread made from coarse flour. Contrary to misconceptions, these products remove extra centimeters from the waist, rather than build up. Provided that you eat them in moderate portions and do not flavor them with high-calorie sauces. The daily rate of complex carbohydrates should be 50-60%.

Categorically giving up fats is not the most reasonable decision. The menu of healthy and proper nutrition can and should include an average of 15% monounsaturated fats. They are present in cold-pressed vegetable oils, olives, avocados and nuts. When used wisely, they help to reduce weight.

You can’t do without vegetables, fruits and berries either. They stimulate digestion, regulate metabolism and nourish the body with vitamins and trace elements. To feel the positive effect, you need to eat at least 14.2oz of any fresh fruit daily.

Have dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime. How to lose weight with pleasure – it’s time to start?

This recommendation is known to everyone, but few people really maintain the necessary interval between the last meal and bedtime. But it’s not difficult – you just need to leave the kitchen after you’ve had dinner and put things in order. If you are hungry late at night, drink a cup of green tea or kefir.

Many people believe that giving up dinner and sleeping on an empty stomach will quickly lead them to the desired result. Alas, it doesn’t work. It is not just possible to eat at night, but it is also necessary, most importantly, to choose the right products.

Remember that the gastrointestinal tract does not sleep at night, it continues to work, and it is important for you to provide it with resources. If you do not do this, you may get headaches, insomnia and metabolic disorders. Foods with a low fat and carbohydrate content, that is, protein, are best suited for an evening meal. These include fermented dairy products, poultry and white fish, seafood, eggs, fresh or stewed vegetables, berries, citrus fruits and mushrooms.

healthy food
healthy food.

 Give up sugar in tea. How to lose weight with pleasure – it’s time to start?

Sweet lovers may find it difficult to immediately remove all sugar from tea and coffee, but you can try to halve its amount, then again and again. It is not necessary to replace it with artificial sweeteners – the debate about the benefits and harms of these products has not subsided since their appearance and is unlikely to ever stop. So don’t take any chances. It is better to try the true taste of a good black or herbal tea – it is quite possible that you will become a real tea gourmet.

Proper drinks are an integral part of a healthy diet for weight loss. The menu for every day should primarily include unsweetened green tea. The kakhetins contained in it cause the body to strenuously burn stored calories. And green tea helps curb a rampant appetite. Black tea can also be drunk without fear. If you brew it with grated ginger root, lemon and honey, the extra pounds will begin to melt by themselves. Various herbal teas also contribute to weight loss. Recognized champions in this field are collections with fennel, buckthorn leaves, blackberries, peppermint, as well as with rowan, hawthorn and rosehip berries.

Coffee can be indulged only by excluding sugar, milk and cream from its composition. But it is recommended to do this no more than two or three times a day. But you will have to forget about hot chocolate, cocoa, alcoholic cocktails, packaged juices and sweet soda.

A balanced menu of healthy foods is the main condition, observing which you can find beautiful shapes by the summer without painful torments and not part with them in the future.

It is unlikely that you have never heard of how many spoonfuls of sugar there are in a glass of Coca-Cola. That’s right, six! But even if there were “only” three of them, this is a sufficient reason to abandon sugary carbonated drinks in favor of simple clean water or berry fruit drinks. And a compote of fresh garden berries and fruits is the perfect drink for any occasion!

 Exercise, it will bring you pleasure. How to lose weight with pleasure – it’s time to start?

You don’t have to love something just because it’s accepted in society. Maybe monotonous workouts just don’t suit your character. Think outside the box! Don’t you see yourself on the treadmill or in the gym? Sign up for a dance class or a trial class in any sport that you find interesting.

Don’t limit yourself to stereotypes or public opinion. Gymnastics, swimming, football, fencing or boxing – it doesn’t matter what you do, it’s important how. If this process brings you pleasure, it is likely that over time it will become a habit, and you will no longer want to stop halfway.

How to become more active in life
How to become more active in life.

Try new things! A little variety in training will help you stay motivated and stay in good shape. Don’t be afraid to try something new! Circuit training on Monday, yoga on Tuesday, swimming on Wednesday, cycling on Thursday, a day without training on Friday, walking with family on Saturday and stretching on Sunday. Alternate classes as it suits you, but first consult with a coach.

Therefore, before canceling a workout, you will think twice. If you don’t have the opportunity to train with a personal trainer, find yourself a sports company. A sense of responsibility to a like-minded person will not allow you to escape difficulties.

If you are used to a fast pace of life and cannot afford too long workouts, pay attention to interval training. Contrary to popular belief, alternating intervals of high and low intensity physical activity is no more dangerous than other types of fitness. It has been proven that even small 10-minute interval training is beneficial. An additional bonus is that this type of fitness can be combined or alternated with others. However, before classes, it is necessary to consult with a trainer and a doctor.

The road to a great goal can be traversed even with small steps. The main thing is not to turn off or stop.

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