How to increase energy and joy of life: 12 simple steps

How to increase energy and joy of life: 12 simple steps

The modern pace, active lifestyle draws a person into the rapid pursuit of success in business and personal life. The cycle of endless plans and goals creates a huge strain and load. If a person learns to restore his energy balance on his own, he will be able to avoid burnout and preserve the joy of life. How to increase energy and joy of life.

The issue of increasing energy is of interest to everyone without exception. It is the high energy of a person that is the key to success in all spheres of life. Even elementary visualization works better for those who have strong energy.

Why?How to increase energy and joy of life.

The first reason why you need to increase your energy is your ability to enjoy life.

If you want to sleep all the time, or just sit on the couch in front of the TV, then what kind of life is this? In this case, it passes by, and there is a high probability that in retirement you will be upset that you did not have time to do so much. Plus, remorse may be added to this, that you want so much, but you don’t have the strength. It is elementary to leave the house and meet friends do not want to!

Many of us dream of our business, a beautiful home, lots of devoted friends, travel and wealth. But! To get all this, you have to work and work. Over yourself, over relationships, over business. And how to work when sometimes there is not enough strength. What kind of self-development is there when there is not enough strength for more? What new business? What kind of movie with a friend? What are you talking about?

The second reason why it is necessary to increase your energy: health.

The rate of cell renewal and the ability of your body to recover directly depends on your energy level. If there is not enough energy, then you will age faster and get sick more.

Will we start increasing energy? Moreover, it is not difficult at all.


Step 1: Remove the factors that steal your energy
These include:

Coffee — knocks down blood sugar, and as a result you will be forced to live the day in the style of: rise — fall — rise.
Sugar (and all sweets) — increases blood sugar. These are early wrinkles, excess weight, insulin resistance, elevated cholesterol.
Alcohol — loads the liver, disrupts sleep and makes you sluggish. Do you still believe that it is good for the heart? Then you’d better eat some grapes! Therefore, leave alcohol for special occasions.
Food additives in food products — load the liver. She, instead of removing toxins and waste products, is engaged in urgent removal of chemicals. This leads to headaches.
Medications — unnecessarily load the liver. Of course, there are vital medications if you are seriously ill.

Step 2: Start getting enough sleep. How to increase energy and joy of life.

We underestimate the amount of sleep for nothing. A good sleep is the basis of a person’s high energy. You can do everything else from my list, but if you don’t get enough sleep, then your energy will not increase.

Work and rest should go in parallel — like day and night. The only difference is that some processes are regulated by nature, while others should be planned and controlled by ourselves. Get used to rest not when you are tired, but in order not to get tired. Have made a step – stop, enjoy the result, relax.

Let your body and brain get used to new changes and loads. Think about it and write down how you imagine your vacation. Identify the three most important components on your list. What is available to you right now? What can you do without delay? Take action.


Step 3: Make your day positive. How to increase energy and joy of life.

The first feelings and thoughts after waking up determine the mood and energy potential of the whole day. Our energy rushes after our focus: what we pay attention to, it decorates our life. Observe yourself: with what feeling, with what thought you wake up.

What sounds, what kind of view from the window greets you? Does it inspire you?

Listen to your body, feel every cell of it, fill it with an inner smile. Say to yourself: “Today is a beautiful day, and I am in the mood for mutual love with the whole world.”
Decorate your bedroom so that in the morning you are greeted with inspiring and invigorating images. During the day, do not forget to enjoy the music you listen to, the clothes you wear, pleasant conversation, fragrant tea.

Step 4: Experience the joy of creativity

We rest when we pay all our attention to ourselves. This is not selfishness, it is a natural natural need that must be realized. The greatest luxury is free time, which you can devote to yourself and do what you want.

How would you like to spend your free time?
Make your list and fulfill at least one wish every day. Start with the simplest and most affordable, the main thing is that you enjoy it. For example, change your hairstyle, bake a cake, start drawing, singing, dancing, writing a short essay or running a personal blog. Learn and try something new every day. Inject novelty into your everyday life, into your routine and daily rituals.

Step 5: Find a business to your liking, a goal in life. How to increase energy and joy of life.

The main engine of progress (of your life) is your goal. Inspiration. Vision of your path. The desire to do something and create. If you clearly see the goal, then it will be easier for you to plan, eat right, and find time for all this. Inspiration gives energy to act. Actions charge with self-belief. Faith gives strength. Forces are transformed into actions and you are filled with happiness and pride for your successes. Even if they are small.


Step 6: Finally get into physical exercise

To increase energy, it must be spent on something. The thing is that physical exercise supplies oxygen to the cells, and then toxins actively come out. And muscle mass improves the sensitivity of cells to insulin, which means it increases your energy level. Bonus — the energy is distributed evenly, even if you ate something too sweet.

The emotional side of the issue is also important here: after working out, you are filled with a sense of accomplishment and pride in yourself. And positive emotions increase a person’s energy! That’s the whole secret.

It’s enough to start with something simpler. For example, promise yourself to go to fitness twice a week, or start with seven minutes of exercise in the morning.

Step 7: Enter into the diet foods that increase energy. How to increase energy and joy of life.

Proper fats — protect cells from aging and improve the condition of the cell membrane through which nutrients penetrate into the cells.
Bright vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants protect cells from damage. Plus, they are extremely rich in all the necessary trace elements that provide us with energy.

After glucose has entered the cells, a whole chain of chemical reactions must occur there, as a result of which the cells receive energy. And there are many trace elements in this chain. For example, vitamin B12. That is why, if a person has chronic fatigue, then he is prescribed a complex of vitamins B.

Foods rich in fiber — clean our intestines, freeing it from toxins and waste. In addition, fiber nourishes useful bifidobacteria that process vitamins so that they become available to us. And, as you remember, without vitamins, cells (and we) cannot see energy. These products include: all vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grain products, bran.


Step 8: Minimize foods that are difficult to digest. How to increase energy and joy of life.

These include:

Red meat requires a lot of time for digestion, but also energy, because for its assimilation, both good stomach acidity and the presence of all enzymes are needed. Reduce the amount of red meat in the diet and buy only the meat of those animals that are grown without hormones and antibiotics.
Dairy products (everything, including yogurt and kefir) are difficult to digest, lead to the formation of mucus in the body, increase allergic reactions and can themselves cause allergies.
Gluten deprives the intestines of internal protection (intestinal permeability). All this leads to the fact that you get sick more often. If you get sick often, then your body will have to work hard to come to its senses again. Your body spends energy on recovery, but it no longer has the strength to realize the dream.

ATTENTION: the side effects of gluten are not related to gluten allergy (celiac disease). Gluten has such an effect on anyone — whether they are allergic to gluten or not.

Step 9: Support your liver

Introduce bitter herbs into the diet — they stimulate the liver and gallbladder.
Minimize medication intake.
Take away the alcohol. Increase the proportion of green vegetables and greens in the diet — they help the detoxification process.


Step 10: Use the features

Our connection with the outside world directly depends on the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, tactile sensations. Therefore, the state of comfort is available to us everywhere and always. Find your taste, color, smell, sound, sensation. Create your own recipe of pleasure for every day.

Always and everywhere – at home, at work — have at hand something that turns on your senses, activates your sensations. Even in your handbag you can store an item with a smell that lifts your mood, a bar of your favorite chocolate, a scarf of your favorite color. Use your set of tools in difficult moments and in moments of rest.

Step 11: Create a reservoir of strength, health and beauty. How to increase energy and joy of life.

It is very important to have a reserve of beauty and harmony that nourishes us, gives us strength when necessary. If you lack energy, pleasure, strength, review your album more often, use “photos” from the archive of your memory and fill yourself with the beauty you once saw, the energy of personal achievements and impressions.

Make a collage of your favorite photos in which you are healthy, cheerful, happy. Learn to notice beauty wherever you are. Always and in everything focus on harmony, look for the strongest sides. Direct your time and emotions only to what is worthy of your attention, what is valuable to you. This way you will ensure your physical, emotional, psychological health and comfort of life.

Step 12: Stretch the body

I use several techniques from eastern practices. Intensively rub your palms so that they become hot. Stretch the auricles and lobes with your fingers.
Rub the back of the fists on the lower back in the kidney area. Massage the feet and stretch the point that is located on the inside of the ankles in the pit under the bone – it is responsible for energy in the body. –
Pat the whole body with your palms – arms, chest, stomach, shoulders, back, buttocks, thighs, shins.
Intensively clench your hands into a fist / unclench and straighten your fingers – 10 times.
To rise on your toes and go down, “knocking” with your heels — 10 times. Five minutes, and cheerfulness came.

Positive mood every day
Positive mood every day

Landmarks on the way to comfort. How to increase energy and joy of life.

The main criterion that you are doing everything right is pleasure, enjoyment, joy, i.e. a surge of energy and strength.

It is easy to check yourself according to the following criteria:

healthy sleep,

waking up – cheerfulness,

good mood, well-being,
independent of the weather,

the desire to move,

try something new,

be active, creativity,

the birth of ideas,

plans and their successful implementation,

the desire and opportunity to share with others,

the enjoyment of personal relationships (including sexual attraction),

eating habits are harmonized, because you begin to receive energy in other ways,

not only through food, it is pleasant and interesting for you to live.