How to get rid of the autumn blues?

How to get rid of the autumn blues?

Life goes on, and therefore it is important to make it as comfortable as possible at this point. How to get rid of the autumn blues?

1.Comfortable condition

In order for the body to feel care as much as possible, do not forget to get all the warm, soft things from the closet: cashmere, cotton, soft natural knitted accessories.

It is important to carefully test all things so that the contact of clothes with your skin is as pleasant and comfortable as possible – pleasure begins with sensations in the body and on its surface.

Pleasure is the main motive and, in fact, the only goal of everything we do, what we want, what we strive for. This applies both to purely material phenomena — beautiful things, physiological sensations, comfortable life, and spiritual ones – service to others, enlightenment.

Comfortable condition
Comfortable condition. Photos from pixabay

2.Essential oils and massage. How to get rid of the autumn blues?

The second point will also be about the body. Oils are a special healthy procedure for the body. In autumn, the advantages of sesame oil are especially revealed, aromatherapists and masseurs talk about its versatility and benefits for the body and joints. And if you combine the application of oil with self-massage and repeat this procedure after a bath or shower every day for a week. You will mope less and notice how the quality of sleep has improved significantly.

Massage with sesame oil is one of the most pleasant things we can do for our body. Before doing a massage, you can add herbs to the oil, such as lavender or even ginger. The next day your skin will glow! But massage can be done at home. Just warm up unrefined sesame oil with herbs of your choice and massage your body with it, wrap yourself in a warm towel, and then make yourself a bath. At this time, stay in silence or with beautiful relaxing music with candles. These attributes also work and allow the whole body to recover at the energy level.

Essential oils and massage
Essential oils and massage. Photos from pixabay

Essential oils that aromatherapists recommend as warming: nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, sage, rosemary, patchouli, ginger, gaulteria. Someone may like the spicy oriental taste of Kumkumadi facial oil – with the taste of various herbs and spices, reminiscent of traveling to warm countries.

Relaxing, deep, Thai massage, as well as any gentle contact with the body, is a very resourceful and blissful thing to maintain physical and mental resources. To accumulate energy in the body, it is important to relax the body. If you do not like manipulating the body or do not want someone unfamiliar to touch the body, then try a facial massage. The face is a very sensitive area where tension and undefined emotions can accumulate. A gentle facial massage can also give the desired effect of relaxation and release.

3.Adjust your diet for autumn. How to get rid of the autumn blues?

If apathy and lethargy do not go away, then listen to the body. By and large, laziness and apathy are a signal to the brain that something is going wrong: you are overworked, have taken on too much or something has “broken” in your body. That is, it is always a symptom that speaks of something more.

Adjust your diet for the fall. Perhaps in the fall you will want to add more dishes with seasonal vegetables and warming spices. There are also a lot of delicious, healthy berries and fruits in stores at this time. For example: persimmons, figs, rich in vitamins and trace elements, can completely replace and diversify desserts and complement the taste of main dishes.

Adjust your diet for autumn
Adjust your diet for autumn. Photos from pixabay


A glass of warm water with lemon in the morning is a morning ritual that is especially necessary in autumn.

In cold weather, fresh crushed ginger can be added to the water. Add seasonal vegetables to your diet, because autumn is the time to enjoy a fresh harvest.

Keep an eye on the quality of the products. If you live in a cold climate, then in the autumn warm dishes should prevail in the diet: vegetable soups, mashed soups, stewed or stewed vegetables, warm salads.

It is better if the food is liquid: more liquid porridges for breakfast, cooked with pre-soaking of cereals; soaked nuts and seeds in salads – all this will saturate the body with additional moisture and balance dryness. Take any opportunity to add a spoonful of high-quality cold-pressed oil or a piece of avocado to your dishes.

Stew vegetables in ghee  oil. This will help nourish the body with healthy fats, balance the dryness of the wind season. Please remember: if you have problems with excess weight, the oil should be limited to 1-2 tablespoons per day.

It’s time for warm herbal and fruit teas: enjoy the variety, combine, create – it’s warming, warm and colorful! Add cinnamon and ginger to tea, they have a warming effect and help to improve digestion.

Before going to bed, you can drink warm milk with cinnamon and / or turmeric: in addition to the warming effect, it will also have a positive effect on digestion (if you tolerate dairy products well).

Try to eat less heavy and fatty foods, it will slow down digestion.

If possible, minimize stimulants in the form of coffee and very strong teas, as well as alcohol.

4.Experiment with the interior space

In autumn, God himself ordered experimenting with the interior space: moving furniture, rethinking light to enhance the feeling of home comfort. Perhaps in an apartment or house you will find another zone – for meditation, for work, for rest. Meditation increases concentration, mindfulness, which helps to make effective decisions in work and life, and therefore increases productivity.

If you don’t have the strength to move something, then outweighing paintings, rearranging figurines, books will also create the desired effect of updating.

Experiment with the interior space
Meditation. Photos from pixabay


A new or well-forgotten old hobby can become a source of inspiration and joy in the cold season. Even the process of finding a hobby can become a real adventure. Now you can master anything without leaving home. Enroll in courses on mounting rollers, learn how to cook croissants, master the skills of tea ceremonies, start learning a new language. To study with a vocal teacher — where does your energy flow more?

6. Strolls. How to get rid of the autumn blues?

Walking, fresh air – it remains the same at any time of the year. A walk can be a good way to remove emotional fatigue if you focus on breathing, on the feet, on the feeling in the abdomen. Warming tea for the road. In November, you can already get your favorite thermos to brew herbs, berries, ginger – and bring a feeling of warmth and care at any moment of the day, wherever you are.

Experiment with the interior space
Experiment with the interior space. Photos from pixabay

7.Emotional clutter

A long autumn is a time to work with emotions. So if the mood jumps or you often arrive in a depressed state, this is an excellent material for analyzing and releasing stuck feelings. Try to let yourself consciously unload, let the emotions come out in an eco-friendly way: through art-therapeutic techniques. By suppressing, avoiding emotions, we only increase the tension inside.

The problem is emotions, or rather, the lack of information on how to express them correctly. If you ignore the problem for a long time, all the accumulated experiences can become destructive for mental health.

The same is true with emotional outbursts, when in a rush of emotions we are not aware of actions and expressions. If you don’t start working on yourself right now, ignoring your feelings can lead to a new breakdown with more serious consequences for yourself and others.

Emotional clutter
Emotional clutter. Photos from pixabay

8. Inner world. How to get rid of the autumn blues?

Try to spend the afternoon in peace, or at least some time before going to bed. An hour before bedtime, put aside electronic devices, light a candle and be alone with yourself, calming your thoughts. If you are practicing meditation or want to resume an abandoned practice, autumn is the time to do it. Use walking for meditation, practice breathing practices. Concentration on breathing calms thoughts, regulates feelings. Just 2-5 minutes – and you feel more balanced.