How to go beyond the usual and prolong youth?

How to go beyond the usual and prolong youth?

Everything that happens around us is shaped by us: our feelings, our thoughts, and our beliefs. By changing ourselves, we change our lives.

If there is enough energy of love and pleasure in our life, then desires are realized as quickly as possible and the number of unpleasant lessons becomes minimal.

Gradually change the positive attitudes of your subconscious mind and reach a new level of a harmonious and happy life.

The first step: Being honest with yourself

The ability to honestly admit to ourselves what we really feel, think, and do at the moment is the starting point of our development.
Recognizing our negative reactions, we thereby remove them from the subconscious, and they cease to shape our future.
At the same time, it is necessary to add: “I want to treat this easily and calmly, without negative emotions, but it is not working yet.” Such a formulation will help transform the energy of resentment, anger, and jealousy that we are experiencing at the moment into the positive state that we are striving for. And it will happen gradually.

Thus, by voicing the state in which we are, we are freed from it.

This should also be remembered when we talk about our successes and achievements. You may have noticed that once you say, “Yes, I am rich and lucky,” circumstances immediately appear that make you less successful.


The second step: The ability to use positive words

To make your life happier, better, and more interesting, you need to completely change your vocabulary.

The words we utter have a certain life experience attached to them: they evoke the feelings associated with them that we experienced in the past.

And if we often use words that carry negative information, then the subconscious mind tuned to low frequencies translates negative experiences into our reality, which then turn into life events that do not bring us pleasure.

Therefore, in order to rewrite the scenario of events happening to us, we need to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. And we do it with the help of words. For example, instead of “bad” we say “not good”, instead of “terrible” — “unimportant”. And everything connected with the word “good” causes high-frequency vibrations that neutralize the negativity that we are experiencing now.

It is worth changing your vocabulary and making it a habit, as your life will change after a while.

The third step: Finding the good in everything

It is necessary to learn to see something positive in all situations: sunny weather, a bird singing beautifully, a suit sitting perfectly on a passerby, etc.

By doing this regularly, we program the subconscious to be positive, and the brain begins to snatch positive events from the surrounding world. The ability to search for beauty in the world, embedded in the subconscious, will guide you through life.

When you learn to see the positive in life, no matter what happens, you will understand that with the bad comes the good.


The fourth step: Creative thinking

Make it a rule instead of saying, “It’s bad that it’s raining,” to say, “I want the sun to shine.” When we deny something, we destroy the energy ties, which our own energy is going to restore.

Therefore, learn to immediately talk about what you would like, ignoring what you are not satisfied with. At the same time, pay attention to the state that you want to experience when this happens.

The fifth step: The ability to thank for everything, both the good and the bad

Thanks for the good, we strengthen it, and thanks for what we consider bad, we transform it into positive.

All non–positive events are low-frequency, and gratitude is a high–frequency vibration.

Thus, thanks to the bad, we do not interact with the negative and do not allow it to settle in our lives. And if we learn to be grateful for events that we don’t like, then over time we will be able to realize that good always comes through the bad.


Step Six: Think and talk about people as if we were in their place

We need to learn to talk and think about people as if they were present nearby and heard us.

We need to talk about others the way we wanted them to talk about us, a huge amount of energy will be released, which we spend on compensating for the difference between internal opinions and external behavior. There will be lightness in our life, as the inner and outer are harmonized. As a result, we will have the opportunity to interact harmoniously with ourselves and with others. And the released energy will make it possible to become more aware of what we really want and realize it.

The main thing is that you enjoy everything that happens in your life!


If you want to stay young outwardly, then you need to:

#1. Go in for sports, lead an active life, love your body, and don’t have destructive habits.

#2. Don’t associate yourself internally with your age.

#3. Take the position of an eternal beginner in this life in relation to everything. It all implies curiosity, excitement, interest, and open eyes.

#4. Have hobbies like younger people than is customary for most people of your age in society.

#5. Do not get excessively attached to a place, people, or things, it’s easy to let go and change everything if it’s time or so necessary or desirable. Be able to switch quickly. To live here and now, not in the past or the future.


#6. Do not age yourself with clothes in the style of your age or older (there are a lot of “buts” here, adequacy, moderation, and an eye on the figure and appearance are important. But it’s easy to have a more youthful style — compared to the total mass of your peers). In general, change more often — change the style of clothes, hairstyle, makeup, experiment, not freeze in one.

#7. Watch your weight — even a few dropped kilograms with increased weight make a person younger. But it’s all worth doing through the systematic gradual introduction of healthy habits — stable ones that will easily, effortlessly, and enjoy maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance.

#8. Experience more positive emotions, smile more, joke more, practice more humor towards yourself, and self-irony.

#9. Relax more and “fool around”, have fun, and hang out.

#10. Let go of seriousness and excessive responsibility, hyper control.

#11. Be more caring towards the body, towards health, and be more consciously active.