How to make a motivational plan and implement it?

How to make a motivational plan and implement it?

The goal is a well–thought–out route on the way to the result that we strive to become better. Following the plan, we get out of our comfort zone, hone our willpower, learn to rely on ourselves, and make the right decisions. How to make a motivational plan and implement it?

The goal helps to measure your life’s quality, giving it meaning. For a woman, setting and realizing goals in accordance with her nature is the key to the energy source of life.

Why do you need goals and how to choose your own? How to make a motivational plan and implement it?

The goal is a model of an ideal future. The more specific and understandable this model is, the more likely it is that you will eventually get it. A person needs to set goals and achieve them, experience positive emotions, self-confidence, and motivation as a result. Of course, you can go with the flow without resisting inertia. But such a model of life can be called both calm and stagnant.

The goal helps to train the will and self-discipline, to consciously manage time and resources. That’s just not everyone succeeds in achieving their goals.

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What is the reason? How to make a motivational plan and implement it?


#1. Do not confuse dreams, desires, and goals

A dream is something cherished, abstract, a happy image that would bring happiness and well–being. In other words, dreams are fantasies in the imagination that can change over the course of a lifetime.

Perhaps the imperishable dreams of all ages, times, and peoples look like this: frequent travel, financial independence, good health, a favorite thing, serene life in your favorite corner of the world.

Desires are more mundane and real. They usually express the need to possess something or to realize something that will bring happiness. For example, to become more self-confident by changing the image or hairstyle, eating right to maintain health, exercise regularly.

And also visit dozens of countries or even fly around the world, get passive income, lose weight to the desired figure on the scales, and pump up your attractiveness.

But even these popular, not the most intricate requests may not be realized. In any case, without the intention of turning them into a specific goal with tasks and deadlines.

“Your own” always corresponds to personal values and principles, this is what you like.

To turn dreams and desires into goals, be ready to make efforts. If a dream is worthy of spending energy and time, then be sure to transform it into a goal. The goal will be that dream, to achieve which you rely only on your own strength.

In practice, a desire or a dream is always formed, then a goal, then a plan is drawn up, with steps and actions – tasks.

#2. Goal setting: methods

If you are asking yourself how to identify your goal, then the goal does not lie on the surface and you do not have a simple answer. Let’s look at a few goal-setting techniques.

Let’s say you got a huge monetary happiness and financial independence has come. Write down what you will do on the first day of your new life, the second, the third, and so on. What peaks would you like to conquer? What will be the real offers?

Choose an age, preferably 15-20 years above the current one. So, you have an anniversary. Describe your life and your achievements by this date.

Think about who from your environment you consider to be a fulfilled and full-fledged woman. Which of the women do you admire? Why exactly for these qualities, actions, and lifestyles? Write down the details, ranging from occupation to details of appearance and personal life. Analyze and try on a portrait of a harmonious woman in her prime.

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Draw or draw 8 spheres denoting family, career, leisure/entertainment, the financial sphere, spiritual, physical, mental, and social. Considering the fact that you can be realized in each of them, determine the level of your needs and desires in all eight sectors. Highlight with colored markers those that can no longer be postponed for later.

#3. How to formulate a goal correctly

It is important to write down the formulated goal on paper. So there is much more chance that you will clearly follow the planned path. Start a diary or select additional pages already in the existing one for prescribing goals, tasks, and intermediate results.

It is important to add benefits to each goal: what will happen when you reach your plans? How to make a motivational plan and implement it?

Prescribing a long-term goal (for example, to learn a foreign language in a year), breaking it down into short-term, and writing down the tasks. Let’s say you study a hundred new words every month and read one book of fiction.

Goals for the month are split up on a weekly basis with their own tasks and deadlines. For example, to make new foreign friends on social networks and regularly communicate with them, training conversational speech, watching movies or TV shows in the original language on Tuesdays.

Imagine how in a year you speak confidently, for example, in Spanish, planning a vacation to a country where this language is widespread.

Visualization is a well–developed method of increasing productivity, backed up by significant scientific data and used by successful people in a variety of fields.

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#4. Implementation of the goal.  How to make a motivational plan and implement it?

Starting to act right away is probably the most difficult thing, and not everyone succeeds. After all, you can wait for a suitable Monday, birthday, or new year. Starting from small tasks to your goals, gradually leaving the comfort zone will help the body adapt to the new.

For each completed stage in the implementation of a short-term goal and on the way to a long-term one, praise yourself, and perhaps do some encouragement. This is a motivational effect that will help to get involved in the next steps of the planned plan. Moving from one stage to another, you will have more faith in your strength.

If for some reason the goal could not be realized, do not blame yourself. Perhaps some tasks were too complicated or the deadlines were not quite adequate.

Look for other routes that are more suitable for you, if this goal is yours and you do not plan to abandon it.

Sometimes we overestimate our capabilities, turn on perfectionists, and want to be better than we are. With love and care for yourself, any goal can be reviewed, worked out again, and begin to realize with renewed vigor.

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I think many will be reassured by the idea that goal–setting is just a skill that can be easily mastered, and not an innate quality of successful people.