How to develop a state of stability and confidence at any time?

How to develop a state of stability and confidence at any time?

I suggest you look into your every day to understand what kind of condition it is. How to develop a state of stability and confidence at any time?

The state of balance is associated with our emotional stability, well-being, calmness, the absence of strong mood swings, and a sense of support from the inside.

And if many people manage to experience these feelings easily enough in a short period of time, then in the long term maintaining these qualities turns into painstaking work with their feelings and states!

And here the “perfectionists” with their discipline and a clear plan fail, discovering that it becomes impossible to “keep the bar” of stability by willpower alone.

As in sports, when getting results is associated with the ability to strain some muscles and relax others, it is the combination of skills such as concentration and relaxation that are the formula for achieving stability in this world.

Below you will find several aspects that will help you purposefully develop a state of stability at any time.

Сomfort. Photo from pixabay

Learn to relax in difficult situations. How to develop a state of stability and confidence at any time?

Impermanence and uncertainty are the natural qualities of our life. This means that there will be a fall behind any takeoff, and sometimes we will be “blown away by the wind”. But this understanding does not save in a critical situation, right?

We again cling to a shaky sense of stability, collecting belongings from the “valuable” things around us.

But is it worth hindering the flow of life? It is important for us to be “alive”, noticing that people around us are just as alive as we are.

Our life is not a perfectly smooth runway, we are “thrown up” and “shakes on turns”, and the best thing we can do in this situation is to “be easier”, letting go of everything that makes our life heavier in the present and does not teach us, love.

So the next time you lose your footing or feel uncomfortable, allow yourself to relax by telling yourself: this is normal!

Create a loving space inside yourself

And it’s normal that once we make a mistake, we experience the whole spectrum of unpleasant emotions: from mild annoyance to the feeling that all the pillars are collapsing.

After all, this condition is well known to us since childhood, when, having committed a crime, we did not want to go home, anticipating the inevitable punishment.

We have grown up, but we have well internalized this feeling of our own “insufficiency”, only now we are playing the role of an “evil policeman” in relation to ourselves.

a positive person
А positive person. Photo from pixabay

And now – attention!

You are the same person who once became his own parent, friend, mentor, and support group in one person. You can radically change the course of your life! All you need to do is become your fiercest defender in any life situation!

Prefer the state to the plan. How to develop a state of stability and confidence at any time?

In our life, what prevents us from enjoying the journey is our unlived emotions or “heavy” states. They capture us every time we forget about ourselves for a long time or try not to “think about the bad.”

So we can spend many years, more and more immersed in problems and more often staying in our emotional “minus”. But there is a way out – to become the mistress of your emotions, simply transferring your state into the focus of your attention.

It means:

give your feelings time: find a few minutes a day for yourself;
stop rejecting those states in ourselves that we “don’t like to feel”: fear, envy, anger, shame, guilt;
be ready to adjust your ideal plan based on your feeling about yourself at the moment.

To find balance in breathing

It is important to understand that the “loss of balance” occurs precisely in our mind, which is always “not enough” of anything: confidence, support, attention, and comfort. And our task is to learn how to calm him down, to make our mind more peaceful, and blissful.

There are many practices and tools for this.

Practicing classical meditation for just 20 minutes a day can significantly change the quality of our mind through concentration on our breathing.

Any physical activity, especially oriental practices — yoga, qigong, belly dancing – are good ways to ground your mind and find inner balance.

This is especially important to remember in times of crisis: breathing is something that is always with us, and this is our balance!

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Do what’s important now. How to develop a state of stability and confidence at any time?

Rarely does anyone have the gift of foresight to accurately predict where he will be in twenty years. Unfortunately or fortunately, “we are not given to see the whole perspective that opens from the mountain while we are standing at its foot.”

It is often for this reason that many people experience emptiness or even hopelessness inside.

The best cure for this is to do what you love, acting out of a sense of the next right step.

The main condition for this is to listen to your heart and learn to trust the quiet “voice” that constantly sounds inside you. The heart is not looking for momentary benefits, it always “talks” with us as truthfully as possible, suggesting the direction of movement.

Moving in the direction of what is truly important to us gives us balance at the moment.
Few are able to look for support in the movement, but sometimes our only strategy.

Caring for others

It is important to remember that we can truly take care of loved ones only from a state of abundance and fullness, and not from a state of “insufficiency” and a breakdown.

Therefore, the timely replenishment of your resource is our regular concern!

If you didn’t have time to do this, you can always find strength in yourself openly, without expectations and claims, to tell a loved one: “Today, not everything is in order with me. I need some time to be alone.”

And at this moment, when we are left alone and “surrender to life” with all its impermanence, we decide to look into the eyes of our greatest fear. We dry our tears and begin to do things that we were not capable of before. There is always a reason to live and move on.

The same person may consider himself a failure or capable of coping with any difficulties. In any case, he will be right. Our thinking is arranged in such a way that it always finds confirmation of its provisions.
Seeing your own is modest! – your own path, a thorny path, paved not with external achievements, but with painstaking and imperceptible inner work for others. And this inner work, hidden from prying eyes, always makes sense.
Now is the time when a person must switch his attention from the brilliant tinsel of “success”, which loses all meaning under the onslaught of unpredictable external shocks, to sincerity and honesty with himself.