8 ways to get rid of spring fatigue and increase activity

8 ways to get rid of spring fatigue and increase activity

What happens in the body in the spring? How to help him activate his metabolism, become more cheerful, and lose extra pounds? 8 ways to get rid of spring fatigue and increase activity.

The state of winter stiffness does not let you go: increased drowsiness, constant fatigue, lethargy, it is difficult to concentrate and force yourself to move. Sometimes this condition is called spring apathy.

The overall energy level decreases, but the appetite can grow. The weight does not go away, despite the efforts made. How to stimulate the “tired” thyroid and restore metabolism?

#1. Will vitamins help?

Modern vitamin complexes are enriched with minerals and adaptogens to stimulate metabolic processes. They can give a temporary surge of strength, but they cannot solve the problem of a “tired” thyroid.

Taking vitamin complexes without a diagnosis of vitamin and mineral deficiency and a medical appointment is not recommended. A prolonged state of increased fatigue and apathy requires a careful and thorough diagnosis.

An increased spring appetite or craving for sweets may be the result of a deficiency of one element – very often iodine or zinc. By consuming large doses of various vitamins and trace elements, you can disrupt the complex balance of their assimilation.

#2. Taking care of the thyroid gland. 8 ways to get rid of spring fatigue and increase activity

The thyroid gland is extremely sensitive to biorhythm disorders: wakefulness in the dark, the night work schedule, and lack of sleep. The ideal way to help her is to restore her biorhythms. This is to perform soft gymnastics after waking up.

For activation and metabolism, it is not necessary to exercise long and hard, perform complex exercises and go to the fitness room. 10-15 minutes of soft movements are enough for the neck and spine, stretching (stretching) after waking up. The blood supply in the neck and spine improves, thereby stimulating the thyroid gland.

Adjust sleep
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#3. Restorative sleep. 8 ways to get rid of spring fatigue and increase activity.

The best rest is a deep restorative sleep after dark. It is such a dream that causes the maximum peak of the rise of the thyroid-stimulating hormone. This means that you fell asleep no later than twelve and by three in the morning, you are already in the deep sleep phase.

It is this kind of sleep that also increases the synthesis of melatonin, the hormone of youth and metabolism, and regulates the synthesis of serotonin, the main neurotransmitter of cheerfulness and good mood.

Independently for recovery, brew delicious herbal teas based on mint, lemon balm, and mallow with the addition of berries and spices every evening.

(1) – “Thyroid dysfunction can contribute to a myriad of symptoms that involve nearly every system in the body, including sleep function. Even though current evidence suggests that thyroid hormone levels are not markers of sleep dysfunction, untreated thyroid dysfunction clearly can affect a person’s ability to achieve healthy, restful sleep. Although sleep dysfunction is not among the most common symptoms that clinicians associate with thyroid disorders, thyroid and sleep dysfunction commonly co-occur. Clinicians should keep this association in mind when using a whole-body approach to treat patients with thyroid dysfunction and sleep disorders.”

#4. Solar therapy

Deficiency of the sun – a natural source of vitamin D. Soft ultraviolet radiation not only stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D but activates the entire endocrine system, stimulates metabolism, increases immunity, restores biorhythms, works and synthesis of serotonin. The sun is vital for humans.

You can use any opportunity to take a walk in the spring. Even 30 minutes of being in clothes, outdoors, and in the fresh air is enough to synthesize a daily dose of vitamin D.

#5. Fish diet. 8 ways to get rid of spring fatigue and increase activity.

The best natural source of vitamin D, omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid, iodine, selenium, and other minerals to restore thyroid function is wild fish. Such as sardines, herring, mackerel, hake, cod, sea bass, haddock, and salmon – these are coho, sockeye salmon, chum salmon, pink salmon, and char.

It contains practically no toxins and is an ideal remedy for thyroid and metabolism, according to most experts in the field of world-class health and ecology.

In order not to take dietary supplements where the content of certain substances is not controlled, it is better to eat delicious fish dishes. In order to maintain the daily norms of vitamin D, omega-3, and iodine, you need to eat wild fish 7.0 oz 3-4 times a week.

grilled dorada
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#6. Iodine is a stimulant of metabolism

In many cases, “hidden” hypothyroidism is also associated with iodine deficiency, especially in regions far from the sea. Iodine is not only a mineral for the synthesis of thyroid hormones but also a stimulator of cellular metabolism.

And local immunity in the glandular tissue of the ovaries, prostate, mammary glands, pancreas, and intestines.

If you do not eat fish, it is better to take it from other natural sources: use Himalayan salt instead of ordinary (sea salt contains less iodine). If there are problems with the thyroid gland, then it is better to take iodine after consulting a doctor and diagnosing its deficiency (in urine).

#7. Detox for thyroid. 8 ways to get rid of spring fatigue and increase activity.

Detox is a conditioned necessity in order to stay healthy in our toxic modern world. Exclude the top products containing toxic halogens (fluorine, bromine, chlorine). Filter drinking water or boil it to remove chlorine. It is better to exclude to the maximum or not to use cleaning agents with chlorine (bleach, stain removers, disinfecting).

Try to buy dairy products from local farmers or in the village, and eat vegetables in season.

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Sometimes the mere exclusion of junk food for 2 weeks leads to an increase in the level of metabolism: a lot of energy is released, which the body spent on detoxification!

Include natural detoxification factors for the intestines and the thyroid in your diet – dietary fiber and antioxidants. Local vegetables and herbs – beets, carrots, radishes, radishes, cabbage, dill, onions, and garlic – are the record holders in terms of fiber (dietary fiber), antioxidants, and phytoncides. Apples, citrus fruits, and berries can be used as fruits.

Frozen berries retain up to 90% of their beneficial properties. Prepare delicious smoothies with spices, sprouts, nuts, or dessert from them – a healing antioxidant cocktail for the intestines and thyroid.

To get a daily dose of fiber and antioxidants, you need to eat at least 17.64oz of vegetables, fruits, berries, and greens per day.

Turn off WiFi at night, remove all working electrical appliances and mobile phones from the bedroom, and after a while, you will notice that your sleep has become much deeper and “sweet”, and you wake up filled with energy.


#8. Thyroid SPA. 8 ways to get rid of spring fatigue and increase activity.

If it is impossible to remove stress and overload – the most important factor of “fatigue” of the thyroid gland — then try to reduce the effects of these stresses on the body. Drink detox teas based on mint, lemon balm, mallow, and lavender with berries, and spices in the evening.

Use SPA treatments and massages for relaxation, detoxification, and stress relief. Back and neck massage, in addition to the general relaxing effect, improves blood supply in the thyroid area. And baths with bischofite, in addition to relieving stress, will serve as an additional source of magnesium and iodine, penetrating through the skin.

At first, it seems – in order to help the thyroid, you need to do a lot. But, step by step: include a little morning gymnastics in the morning, fish dishes, healthy vegetables, and berries in the form of salads and smoothies, detox teas, and just 30 minutes of walking after work. After a week or two, you will feel full of energy, and there is no trace of spring apathy left.

Music improves your mood
Music improves your mood. Photo from pixabay

 The natural factor

One of the most important factors of detoxification and activation of metabolism is physical activity in the fresh air. It is sports in the open, clean air (even if it is just vigorous walking) that best activates the lower parts of the lungs with the most powerful blood supply – where the maximum oxygen saturation of the blood occurs.

(1) – Thyroid Dysfunction and Sleep Disorders. Max E. Green, Victor Bernet, and Joseph Cheung.