What gives you self-confidence? 6 principles for increasing confidence

What gives you self-confidence? 6 principles for increasing confidence.

What gives you self-confidence? What gives you self-confidence?

Even without it, everyone intuitively understands that self—confidence is synonymous with inner freedom. A person’s inherent self–confidence is not a qualitative concept. Self–confidence is freedom from internal blocks, which extends to all spheres of both internal and external human life. It allows you to go through life without wasting your time and energy on things that do not deserve attention and effort, and, therefore, wisely, easily, and always on your way.

Understanding your own uniqueness

Very often the problem is that a person simply does not realize the innumerable diversity of species of creatures on earth. Therefore, he does not understand his value, uniqueness, and the fact that he has the right to develop in life the way his soul wants to manifest itself.

For this reason, he constantly compares himself with other people, noticing only dissimilar, much more or less developed in comparison with himself. But a comparison with others is an ungrateful and illusory idea. Because is it possible to compare different or unique in nature?

There is meaning only in those actions that carry the idea of developing their individuality. The desire to compare is a stable mental construct inside our minds. To stop obeying this obsessive construction, it is worth learning as an axiom the fact that everyone has the right to develop in accordance with their nature, to create in life in a way that is peculiar only to them.

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That no one, never and under no circumstances, can become you, and you them. The individuality each of us needs not to be compared with each other, but to develop independently.

Everything you do should please and want to do, first of all – you. And all those who criticize and try to undermine self–belief are just hindrances that do not deserve to waste time and attention. In all this, it is very important to be adequate yourself and be able to perceive criticism correctly.

Do what you want. What gives you self-confidence?

Nothing builds our confidence more than doing the things we want to do. Don’t put yourself at the end of the list of all these “must-haves”. Stop dreaming and wait for the right moment.

It has already come – do what you want. Even if it’s scary. Even if you think that you may not be understood. Just do what you like. What you love, what you think is right for you.

If you want to go to the opera, but there is no one to keep you company, go alone. Your environment in everyday life does not get out of jeans, and you want to be feminine – buy yourself a dress and wear it. Eat what you want, not “for the company”.

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Listen to what your inner voice is telling you. Do this, and you will feel how your condition will change. Self–confidence is natural!

Praise yourself

Stop criticizing yourself, no “What a clumsy person I am”, “Well, I’m a fool” and “Oh my God, what kind of monster is that in the mirror” in the morning. Be kinder and gentler to yourself, talk to yourself like a beloved friend. Don’t expect someone to tell you how wonderful you are. Praise yourself as often as possible.
Going to work, stay in the mirror and say: “What a beauty!”. We have finished the report, stop – “What a good fellow I am!”. We cooked dinner – “How delicious I cook!”. Nothing changes our self-image more than praise. Especially our own.

6 principles for increasing self-confidence. What gives you self-confidence?

Increasing self–confidence is a process. Here are six principles based on which you can strengthen your faith in yourself:

#1. Take responsibility for your life and stop comparing
As long as you blame your parents, teachers, or society for not having the courage or confidence to do something, you won’t get anywhere. As long as everyone around you has advantages over you in the form of a rich husband or many years of experience, you will not make any progress.

#2. Self–confidence is a savings account in a bank
Its currency is action. It will not be possible to increase self-confidence by sitting on the couch, reading motivational books, or watching movies. Only by doing what you were afraid of, you will replenish your account. If you don’t know what to do, do at least something. The smallest. The most undaunted.

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#3. Evaluate your efforts, not the result

Plan and stick to the planned plan. Praise yourself and celebrate your daily victories, even if you have not achieved the expected result, but have made every effort. Keep a success diary.

#4. Develop honesty and critical thinking
The more honest you are with yourself, the fewer doubts you have about your actions. The better you understand the reasons and motives for your actions, the more adequately you can evaluate the efforts and results. Ask yourself strong questions yourself or with the help of a coach and give honest answers that will move you forward towards your goals.

#5. Your confidence needs protection at first

While your confidence is sprouting, you need to protect it from dangers: shut yourself off from critics, and poisonous people, even if they are your relatives, friends, or colleagues. Share your successes only with those who will be caring and will be able to give you careful feedback. Find those who will support you unconditionally and without ratings (a friendly interest group, a partner in responsibility, a coach), and will help you not to give up and not to quit.

#6. Study yourself
Knowing your strengths, values, unique inner needs and desires will serve as an excellent navigator and support for self-confidence. Although classifications and tests show a simplified picture, they give a starting point.

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Use different formats and systems: archetypes, psycho types, chronotypes, and human design. At what time do you work more efficiently? Are you more comfortable performing for large or small audiences? Is your leading archetype a buffoon or a hero? The more you learn about yourself, the clearer it will be how exactly you can realize your talents.