How to feel joy and comfort in life?

How to feel joy and comfort in life?

We want to share ideas that will help you feel more joy in life, or rather develop a habit of happiness. How to feel joy and comfort in life?

1. The idea of willingness to put your joy first

We all want to be happy, but rarely does anyone put this very desire at the center of their life. We think that if we achieve success, become rich and famous, create an ideal family, then joy will follow by itself. But in order to awaken joy, it is extremely important to make your own happiness and joy a priority.

Many initially unloved things, for example, such as housekeeping, eventually became a source of constant joy and intimacy with the whole family.

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You can also expand on this question by asking yourself“ “What do I need to do to feel happy right now?” Happiness can be any emotion or state that you lack at the moment. It can be very simple things, such as a break, a conversation with a friend, returning to an important goal for you.

We need a little time to feel what we need right now. Unfortunately, we often do not pause to connect with ourselves and look for happiness somewhere outside.

2. Understanding what is the true source of happiness in life. How to feel joy and comfort in life?

And the understanding that momentary joy and long-term happiness are achieved in completely different ways. Often, in an attempt to escape from suffering, we strive for momentary sources of joy. This provides short-term comfort, but creates even more suffering in the long run.

A healthy state of mind and the development of qualities such as generosity, kindness, and compassion make our mind more open. And we move through life easily and without tension. A restless state of mind leads to the fact that our mind becomes tense and closed. This creates tension and suffering in our lives.

When we do the right thing, we feel joy. This feeling of joy differs in quality from the superficial joy that we experience from the satisfaction of momentary desires.

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We can combine this feeling of joy with a good deed in our mind, thereby strengthening our commitment to the right way of life.

3. The idea of the ability to let go

A joyful life requires free space. It is difficult to enjoy every case if there are too many of these cases. And one of the practices that allows us to increase the free space in life is simplicity (or selectivity).

In turn, selectivity and simplicity require the development of the skill of “letting go”. This skill is especially important for those who are used to taking on more than they are able to perform.

In order to practice selectivity as part of a joyful life. We just need to learn to say “no” to the next invitation or request. And learn not to fill your schedule with new tasks.

Selectivity and minimalism in life imply the ability to establish healthy boundaries with other people.

In addition, we must be selective in what to focus our efforts on.

However, as the practice of letting go, a lot of things have gone out of life by themselves, efficiency has only increased, and the quality of connections with other people has become higher than ever.

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4. The idea of the ability to stay in the present moment. How to feel joy and comfort in life?

What is around me, what situation am I in?

Often we are so immersed in our thoughts that we miss most of life by ourselves. We must be present in our lives so as not to miss it. The more often we are present in it, the more alive we feel.

Following these ideas, we can not just become happier, we can develop the habit of being happy. Regularly directing thoughts towards happiness and joy. And acting on the basis of these new thoughts, we deepen new positive tendencies of the mind.

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