Methods of getting rid of anxiety quickly and effectively

Methods of getting rid of anxiety quickly and effectively

Change is an integral part of life, and it is absolutely normal to experience the whole range of emotions for various reasons, even for one day. It is important to be able to adapt to changes. And at peak times – reset the settings so that negative vibrations do not take over. Methods of getting rid of anxiety quickly and effectively.

To stop winding yourself up at the moment, go through the terrible scenarios of the development of events, try:

Breathing exercises

The fastest and most effective method when you feel that “covers”. Straighten your back and, inflating your stomach, take a deep breath through your nose at the count of 4. Then hold your breath for 4 counts and exhale slowly through your mouth, counting to 4. It is worth doing 5-7 repetitions, gradually increasing them to 10.

There is another technique of anti–stress breathing – nostril breathing. Close the right nostril with your thumb and inhale through the left. Then close it with your index finger and exhale through your right nostril. Then inhale again through the right and so on for several cycles, ideally up to 10 minutes. At the end of the technique, calmly breathe deeply with both nostrils.

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Tapping. Methods of getting rid of anxiety quickly and effectively.

The technique of emotional freedom or tapping, as this technique is also called, is based on tapping certain acupuncture points on the body.

According to the formal rules, the method consists in determining the degree of your anxiety on a 10-point scale. Pronouncing affirmations and alternately tapping the meridians: the top of the head, the beginning of the eyebrow, the outer corner of the eye, the point under the nose, on the chin, on the edge of the palm.

For beginners, a simpler option may be suitable: choose one point and press it slightly, repeating the phrase aloud: “Despite the fact that I am afraid / worried / offended, and so on, I completely love and accept myself / feel safe / take care of myself and loved ones at the moment, and so on”. In principle, tapping by itself, without additional actions and words, resembles a certain kind of meditation, distraction and switching of attention.

Hair treatments

It is believed that hair accumulates energy, including negative. Water also has the properties to take away the accumulated negative charge. So washing your hair when you are in a bad mood or lack of concentration really cleanses you of emotional toxins.

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The procedure can be enhanced with a head massage to stimulate blood circulation. Before washing your hair, run your fingers into them and pull the roots well. This is often done when a person is close to fainting in order to quickly bring him back to his senses. As a result, it creates a feeling of calmness quite quickly.

Abrupt distraction. Methods of getting rid of anxiety quickly and effectively.

If you are at home or in the office, you can go outside and count the cars or trees standing nearby. Cleaning will also help to distract you. On the desktop or at home, in the closet or in the trunk of the car – it doesn’t matter.

They took a wet napkin, dusted all the objects, sorted through things, some of which were sorted for recoil or ejection, washed the floors – and thereby reduced the level of cortisol. There are probably unnecessary papers, receipts, old medical research results, printouts and other waste paper in the office or in the apartment.

Start tearing them into small pieces and send them to the trash with the message that everything superfluous and unnecessary also leaves your body.

But, in my opinion, it is wiser to wait out the peak moment, reduce the intensity of emotions and later share what happened.

Physical activity


Emotions are energy that needs to be expended. Negative emotions are a clot. which can lead to a block and an even greater intensification of experiences. Any physical activity, in accordance with your state of health, will allow you to get rid of the cycle of thoughts in your head.

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Brisk walking, squats, jumping, running will be guaranteed to destroy unnecessary internal irritation to you. Ideally, a walk or jog in the park with listening to an audiobook. This is an hour and a half spent with maximum benefit for physical and mental health.

Floating at home. Methods of getting rid of anxiety quickly and effectively.

The method is not fast, but very effective. The effect of renewal can be obtained at home, partially repeating the procedure of taking a bath in complete darkness (or at least with a few lighted candles) and silence in salt water. If there are no contraindications (important!), add Epsom bath salt to the water.
At a comfortable water temperature of 94.64-97.88F , lie in a saline solution for 15-20 minutes, removing all thoughts from your head, as if going beyond your body.

The greatest therapeutic effect can be given by techniques based on acceptance of life with all its potential dangers, cataclysms, geopolitical changes, diseases and catastrophes. The realization that the white stripe of life is changing to black and vice versa, forms resistance to destructive emotions.

It is especially important to be flexible in situations that we cannot change, influence their outcome. Of course, this is a big and difficult work on yourself: loyalty to instability is not developed immediately.