Grilled vegetables are the best side dish for a juicy steak or beef kebab. It’s fast, convenient and delicious! However, despite the apparent simplicity, some vegetables are very capricious in preparation. Use our recommendations to make grilled vegetables even tastier. 5 top ideas for delicious grilled vegetables.

Most often, grilled vegetables take  peppers, eggplants, zucchini, and mushrooms. Tomatoes are much less often used. But first, let’s find out what is the best way to cook grilled vegetables. Despite the fact that many people cook vegetables on skewers, or even throw them on hot coals (think baked potatoes), we recommend using the grill. It is easier to handle and control the degree of roasting of vegetables. The only drawback of such a grid is that too small vegetables will fall out of it.

5 top ideas for delicious grilled vegetables

If we talk about the correct technology of cooking vegetables on the grill, the first and most important rule: vegetables do not need to be cut. Here the same principle works, according to which it is not recommended to cut the meat. By damaging the natural skin of vegetables (the skin), you lose precious juices and risk getting dried and tasteless vegetables. The peel preserves the juiciness and structure of vegetables, so they retain their taste and look appetizing.

However, there are exceptions here, because it is not easy to put a whole zucchini or pepper on the grill. If the vegetables are too large, you can cut them across (for example, zucchini). Do not remove the skin. When slicing vegetables, keep track of their thickness. Vegetables should not be cut at random, but in the same way. Otherwise, they will fry unevenly. Sometimes vegetables are soaked in cold water for 30 minutes, then wiped with a napkin and smeared with vegetable oil. It is believed that this will protect the vegetables from drying out. But you don’t need to salt them before sending them to the grill.

Features of some grilled vegetables

Features of some grilled vegetables. 5 top ideas for delicious grilled vegetables.

If you are cooking corn, then before sending it to the grill, the cobs should be slightly cleaned, leaving a few green “petals” at the base. Tomatoes can be cut in half and put on the grill, cut side down. If you are cooking asparagus, first soak it in cold water for 30 minutes. Then dry it, then cut off the ends, lubricate with oil and send it to the grill. As soon as it becomes brown, you can remove the asparagus from the grill. By the way, the refined taste of asparagus favorably emphasizes sesame oil.

If you are cooking onion rings on the grill, then first you need to cover the grill with a layer of foil, put the onion there, drizzle with oil and cover with a second layer of foil. Cooking onions in this way will take longer than other vegetables – about 15 minutes. But in return, you will get a sweet and flavorful snack.

By the way, about how much you need to cook grilled vegetables. There is no universal advice. For example, if you are cooking grilled vegetables, pre-slicing them in half, on plates or circles, then 2-3 minutes on each side will be enough. If the vegetables are fried whole, it will take about 5 minutes. Watch for charring of the skin – it is the most reliable indicator of the readiness of grilled vegetables. Slightly blackened, and sometimes even burst skin indicates that the vegetables should be removed from the grill.

Ready-made grilled vegetables should be cooled and peeled. Salt, pepper, in one word “bring to taste” can be ready-made. Universal vegetable dressing is a mixture of finely chopped fresh herbs, crushed garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. But there are also nuances. Tomatoes, for example, are very fond of Basil, and eggplants — nut paste. Experiment with taste! 5 top ideas for delicious grilled vegetables.

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