Braised beef in beer with onions

Braised beef in beer with onions

Braised beef in beer and onion is tender meat in a thick sauce. Cooking this dish will take time, but it. Braised beef in beer with onions.


Onion – 2.87 ibs ( 1.3 kg)
Fillet of beef – 5.07 ibs ( 2.3 kg)
Bay leaf 3 pieces
Light beer- 11.83 fl oz (350ml)
Vegetable oil 5 tablespoons
The red wine vinegar 2 tablespoons
Salt of 2.5 teaspoons
Ground black pepper 1 teaspoon

Instruction. Braised beef in beer with onions.

4 hours 45 minutes
Chop the onion half-rings thickness of about 6-7 mm.
A large piece of boneless beef to rub with vegetable oil and RUB a mixture of salt and black pepper.
Place the meat in a large heavy frying pan with boiling oil and fry on all sides (about 15 minutes). When the meat is browned, put it on a plate and let cool slightly.
In a large pot with a thick bottom or pan pour 2 tablespoons of oil. When it hissing, throw the onions and saute for approximately 25 minutes.
Add in onion beer and vinegar, stirring occasionally, bring to a boil.
In onion with beer gently put the meat and again bring to a boil. Remove from heat and cover.
Place the container of meat on middle rack in preheated oven at 347F (175C) degrees. Cook under cover for about 3 hours and 30 minutes, until beef is tender.
Before serving, remove from the sauce, Bay leaf, remove from the surface of the floating fat and let the meat cool for at least 20 minutes.
Serve beef, sliced, with onions and sauce in which it was stewed.

Alternative option:
Beef stew will be even tastier if you keep it in the sauce in which it was cooked, at least a day. In this case, the meat before serving, it should be wrapped in foil for 45 minutes to send in the oven 302F (150C) degrees. When the beef is ready, cut it into large chunks. Sauce with onions preheat separately. Alternative: warm meat, pre-sliced, right in the pan with sauce.