Turkey kebab marinade on kefir

How to prepare a marinade for a turkey kebab

5 delicious marinades for turkey kebab.How to prepare a marinade for a turkey kebab.

Thanks to a competent combination of products, real kebabs are obtained. It is in the right marinade and is the basis. The main benefit from eating this product. The caloric content of grilled turkey is no more than 190 k cal per 3.53 oz (100 g) of meat. For a healthy diet and maintaining an ideal figure, the introduction of this product into the diet is simply irreplaceable. How to prepare a marinade for a turkey kebab.

To give such a barbecue a special juiciness, softness and richness, you need to prepare the right marinade. This is what determines the success of culinary delights. It is important to choose the right ratio of products, so as not to overdo certain ingredients. After reviewing the most popular recipes, it is recommended to choose one of them and start cooking something new and unusual.

The number of products used for pickling is calculated for two kilograms of poultry meat.

Marinade on kefir

A simple and affordable way to give meat a special tenderness and juiciness. Ingredients:

Kefir 16.91 fl oz 500 ml
Onion 7 PCs
Tomato paste 4 tablespoons.
Peppers 4 PCs
Spices to taste

5 servings.

Cooking process:

1. pour the Kefir into a deep bowl.

2. add the onion cut into rings to the kefir.

3. cut the Pepper into wide rings and mix with the rest of the products. In the future, the vegetable prepared in this way will be easier to string on a skewer.

4. mix the Spices well with the tomato paste. Add to other products. Stir.

In order for the meat to be particularly tender, it is preferable to marinate it for at least one hour.

Turkey kebab marinade with mayonnaise
Turkey kebab marinade with mayonnaise

Mayonnaise marinade. How to prepare a marinade for a turkey kebab.

When you need to prepare the turkey as quickly as possible, it is worth resorting to the simplest method of giving the meat special taste qualities.


Mayonnaise 10.58 oz ( 300g)
Onion 6 PCs
Vinegar essence 1 tablespoons.
Spices and salt to taste

The dish is designed for 5 servings.

Cooking process:

1. Put the mayonnaise in a glass container and sprinkle with spices.

2. Cut the onion into large rings. Add to the mayonnaise and mix well so that the juice comes out of it.

3. Pour the vinegar essence Into the resulting mixture and knead it well.

In just half an hour, the meat in this marinade will acquire all the necessary properties and taste qualities.

Turkey kebab marinade in the lemon
Turkey kebab marinade in the lemon

Lemon marinade

The classic version of cooking meat will allow you to prepare it for the frying process in a few minutes and give it special taste qualities.


One large lemon fruit.
Grape seed oil 2 tablespoons.
Soy sauce 1 tablespoon
Onion 6 PCs
Spices to taste

The dish is designed for 6 servings.

Cooking process:

1. Squeeze the juice from one lemon into a deep glass or enamel container.

2. Combine grape seed oil and soy sauce with it.

3. Half of the onion must be cut into large rings, the remaining half twisted in a meat grinder. Add to the previously obtained mixture.

4. Mix with the spices and add the meat.

In order to prevent the barbecue from burning during the frying process, grape seed oil is added. It prevents the appearance of burning and gives a special unusual taste.

Turkey shish kebab marinade Russian
Turkey shish kebab marinade Russian

Russian marinade

There are also not the easiest ways to marinate a turkey. At first glance, they seem unusual. And only if you decide to experiment, you can appreciate the entire range of tastes.


Homemade kvass 33.81 fl oz (1 liter)
Natural honey 4 tablespoons.
Onion 5 PCs
Sweet pepper 4 pieces.
Spices according to taste preferences.

The number of ingredients is calculated for 5 servings.

The cooking process:

1.In an enamel or cast iron cookware to pour kvass.

2. Add honey, preferably liquid, mix well.

3. add the Onion cut into large rings to the kvass.

4. Pepper, cut into equal parts and place with the rest of the products. Add the selected spices.

The spicy marinade will appeal to real gourmets, as they have not tried such turkey kebabs yet.

Turkey shish kebab marinade
Turkey shish kebab marinade

Marinade on wine. How to prepare a marinade for a turkey kebab.


Port wine 16.91 oz ( 500ml)
Lemon one fruit.
Onion 5 PCs
Black pepper peas 1 tablespoon
Ginger root 2 tablespoons
Paprika 1 tablespoon
Basil, rosemary, leek and other herbs to your liking.
Spices to taste

Cooking process:

1. pour the Wine into a deep enamel container.

2. if the house wine is sweet, you need to give it acid with the juice of a whole lemon. When the drink is sour, the juice will be enough from half of the fruit.

3. add onion Cut into large rings to the wine.

4. Sprinkle with herbs, salt and pepper. Knead well.

In just a few minutes, the meat will acquire all the qualities it needs. At the same time, stringing it on a skewer, an excellent result can be obtained in 5-8 minutes of cooking. Bon Appetit!