Meat rolls with salad

Meat rolls with salad

Meat rolls with salad, boiled rice and refreshing salsa are an original and delicious appetizer for a large company. It is easy to prepare it, the main thing is to buy high-quality and fresh products. Meat rolls with salad.


Calculated 4 servings

Ground beef 17.64 oz
Adoba seasoning 1 tablespoon
Boiled rice Jasmine 2 cups
Lime 2 PCs
Coriander 1 bunch
Salad 2 PCs
Salsa 1 Cup

Instruction.  Meat rolls with salad.

Cooking time 25 minutes

Season the beef with Adobo seasoning, brown the meat in a pan and dry. Season the cooked rice with finely chopped lime zest, the juice of one lime and two teaspoons of chopped coriander.

To prepare meat rolls in the Mexican style, we recommend buying minced meat from aged beef. It is prepared from meat aged in a dry way. Dry-aged beef is often used for cooking steaks. Harder cuts are kept for cooking minced meat. It turns out more juicy and rich. To preserve this excellent flavor and juiciness, cook the minced meat in a well-heated frying pan without oil (it will be replaced by beef fat in the composition). Salt and pepper the meat mixture at the very end, otherwise the salt will pull out the meat juices, and the minced meat will not start to fry, but stew in its own juice. Ready-made rolls are served with vegetable salsa. Prepare it by dicing tomatoes, onions, avocado, chili pepper, green onions, cucumber (optional), and dressing it all with olive oil, salt, pepper and lime juice.

Meat rolls can be prepared in three ways: fry in a pan, bake in the oven, or serve cold. Since the meat will be pre-fried, it is best to bake them in the oven.

To serve the beef, rice, lettuce and salsa in separate bowls so guests can help themselves to create a roll. Meat rolls with salad.

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