Healthy breakfast: Egg envelopes with cheese and ham. Lesson 6

Healthy breakfast: Egg envelopes with cheese and ham. Lesson 6

A hearty and delicious dish that can be prepared with just 3 ingredients, delicious, tender and ruddy egg envelopes with ham and cheese. A great alternative to the usual scrambled eggs for breakfast or a snack. Try it! Healthy breakfast: Egg envelopes with cheese and ham.

Breakfast recipes are varied, but all agree on one thing: breakfast should be quite dense, a healthy breakfast must contain fruit and dairy products. And of course everyone loves delicious breakfasts. Breakfast in a hurry, coffee and a sandwich, it is certainly better than nothing, but it is desirable that even a quick breakfast was more varied. For breakfast, it is better to use bread made from coarse flour, with bran. A quick and delicious breakfast is an egg breakfast. Scrambled eggs and omelets come to the rescue when you are faced with the task of what to cook for breakfast quickly. But even a banal omelet can be made interesting. Be sure to use spices for the omelet, add a little milk to it, and sprinkle it with grated cheese on top.

Ingredients for 2 servings

Eggs 4 PCs.
Ham 4.59 oz
Hard cheese 3.53 oz
Olive oil (for frying) 1 tablespoon
Fresh parsley 3 sprig

Egg envelopes with cheese and ham
Egg envelopes with cheese and ham

Instructions. Healthy breakfast: Egg envelopes with cheese and ham.

Cooking time 20 minutes

Grate the ham and cheese on a fine grater.
In a separate container, break the eggs and lightly beat with a fork to mix the whites and yolks. For the convenience of further cooking, you can beat and fry one egg at a time, but then the pancakes will turn out a little thicker

Heat a frying pan over medium heat and brush with vegetable oil. Pour in a portion of the beaten eggs and spread over the pan to make a thin egg pancake. Fry the pancake for about 1-2 minutes.

Then flip the egg pancake to the other side. Put some ham and grated cheese in the center of the pancake. I get 5 thin or 4 thick pancakes, so I make the filling into 4-5 parts, respectively, and distribute it between the pancakes.

Roll the egg pancake with the filling in an envelope. To do this, first tuck the free edges of the pancake to the left and right of the filling and fold towards the center. Press the edges of the pancake with a spatula for 10-15 seconds to fix them in this position.

Then tuck the top and bottom edges of the pancake in the same way. Lightly pressing the spatula, fry the resulting envelope for another 20-30 seconds.

Then flip the egg envelope and fry for another 20-30 seconds on the other side. Repeat the process with the remaining egg mass and filling.

Delicious egg envelopes with cheese and ham are ready. If desired, cut off the protruding edges of the envelopes, giving them a more accurate shape. Garnish the dish with chopped herbs and serve. Healthy breakfast: Egg envelopes with cheese and ham.
Bon Appetit!

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