Succotash of beans and corn

Succotash of beans and corn

I suggest succotash without cream and butter. The dish can be a main dish or serve as a side dish, and when adding broth, even quite a soup. Succotash is a dish whose main ingredients are beans and corn, as well as other vegetables to taste. The combination of legumes and corn makes the salad very nutritious and at the same time inexpensive and affordable, so it has become very popular. Today, succotash is most often prepared in the summer for picnics, trips to nature and take it on trips. It perfectly tolerates the road and can stand for quite a long time in hot weather. In addition, the salad is very bright and delicious. Mix the beans and corn with the avocado, tomatoes, peppers and herbs and pour over the vinaigrette dressing.  Succotash of beans and corn.

In numerous versions of recipes, smoked beef, lard, potatoes, tomatoes and sweet peppers are added to the succotash dish along with butter, fresh herbs, and sometimes cream. Succotash today can act as an independent dish, as well as a side dish or even a salad! Succotash can also be the most wonderful vegetable stew imaginable – a real celebration of summer ingredients.


Designed for 4 servings
Red beans 2 cups
Corn 1 Cup
Onion 1 head
Bulgarian pepper 1 piece;
Celery 1 stalk(optional)
Garlic 2 cloves
Vegetable oil for frying 2 tablespoons
Salt and spices to taste
Parsley and thyme to taste

Instruction:. Succotash of beans and corn.

Cooking time 1 hour

For succotash you will need: ready-made red beans, corn (boiled or canned), onions, garlic, sweet bell pepper, vegetable oil for frying, salt and spices, fresh parsley and, if desired, celery.

Soak the beans for a few hours and cook until tender. Chop the onion, red bell pepper and celery, chop the garlic, fry it a little and put it out in vegetable oil, add salt and spices.

Add the beans and corn and chopped parsley to the prepared vegetables. Stir, simmer together for a couple of minutes and the dish is ready. Serve as an independent dish or as a side dish with meat, fish and other main dishes. Bon Appetit!