Wooden dishes. 7 benefits for humans

Wooden dishes: 7 benefits for humans

Decorative wooden tableware is attractive and widely used in kitchen interior design. The structure of the tree looks very interesting in it. On weekdays, we do not have time to remember that every piece of cutting board, wooden spoon or bowl comes from a living organism – from a tree that during its growth “observed” the history of several generations of people. Decorative tableware makes it possible to appreciate the beauty of annual rings and the colorful play of wood. You can choose from a wide variety of wood species, such as beech, cherry or oak, or exotic trees. If you keep the decorative tree properly stored, you won’t have to worry about a dish or plate, even if you fill them with wet foods such as olives or salted tomatoes. Pay attention when filling deep bowls. Regularly check the condition of fruits or vegetables so that they do not form rot or mold, which can permanently damage the tree.

In addition to the original beauty and inherent sincerity of wooden dishes, it has a number of practical advantages:

1. Environmentally friendly.

People have become more likely to take care of their health, and wooden kitchen appliances help in this better than others. Wood is an environmentally friendly material that not only does not harm the body, but also has a beneficial effect on it. You can be sure that the composition of natural wood does not contain harmful chemical compounds that destroy the human body. A big advantage of wooden spoons and plates is that they can be used even by the smallest members of your family. For children, wooden dishes are absolutely safe.

Wooden dishes. 7 benefits for humans
Wooden dishes. 7 benefits for humans

2. Healing properties.

It is no secret that wood has healing properties. Some types of wood have antibacterial properties, thanks to which pathogens do not multiply in the material. When heated, and even when used normally, wood tableware releases useful essential oils that can help with headaches, calm the nervous system, and relieve tension. Carved fork and spoon made of birch bark also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which increases their value for prevention of various infections of the oral cavity.

3. Storage of the products.

In a wooden dish, products are stored much longer, retain their natural taste, and sometimes even enriched with useful enzymes, absorb a light woody aroma, which makes them even more saturated. Wooden tableware exudes a special characteristic smell, which is transmitted to food and gives dishes a special aroma and taste.

4. Strength.

Unlike porcelain and glass plates and salad bowls, wooden dishes are characterized by increased strength. If you drop a plate of wood on the floor, it will not break. Metal and plastic dishes also do not break, but the first is associated with something official, and the second is far from environmentally friendly in composition.

Wooden dishes. 7 benefits for humans
Wooden dishes. 7 benefits for humans

5. Zero thermal conductivity.

Wood does not conduct heat at all, which means that the dish in a wooden plate will remain hot longer. A plate with hot soup poured into it will not heat up and will definitely not burn your hands if you accidentally touch it. Wooden spoons and bowls are very popular among tourists. Such dishes do not weigh much, do not break, and do not heat up when hot rich soup is poured into it.

6. Cozy and warm.

Cutlery made of such a noble natural material will create a special atmosphere, fill the kitchen with comfort. The tree has always been associated with a home hearth, family warmth.

7. Usability.

Such dishes are ideal for the smallest ones, as they will absolutely not cause harm to the child. All devices have a small weight. Products are pleasant to the touch: they are not cold and quickly acquire the temperature of the human body.

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