How to live in harmony with yourself. Where to get strength?

How to live in harmony with yourself. Where to get strength?

Man strives for happiness. What is it? Is happiness a static, calm state, or is it an endless movement following an illusion? Or a long journey for a feasible dream? In order to dream and act, it is important to be able to replenish your strength. Just as nature combines different elements of elements, so man combines several principles: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. The balance and full disclosure of these principles is the secret of human well–being. How to live in harmony with yourself. 

Here are the distinctive properties of happiness: How to live in harmony with yourself. 

Happiness is all-encompassing and manifests itself at once on the bodily, emotional, rational, and volitional levels.
Happiness does not depend on external factors, certain “joyful” events are not obligatory for it.
Happiness as a state arises spontaneously and makes a person self-sufficient and independent from the outside world.
Happiness is not short-lived, but long-lasting: it can last from several hours to eternity (depending on the level of readiness and spiritual development of a person).
Happiness always happens not in the past or the future, but in the present – now.
Happiness is the power that makes a person a creator and creator of his own world. Only a truly happy person can fulfill his own desires. People who are in a state of unhappiness or dependent only on pleasure can never rise above their own problems and plunge even deeper into suffering.

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Recommendations for harmony: How to live in harmony with yourself.

Healthy physical activity
Movement, indeed, is life. Moreover, physical exercise is good for the nervous system. Physical exercises, especially coordination, improve thought processes and memory.

Simple physical labor

The monotony of actions: ironing clothes, washing dishes, snow removal in the garden, etc. — cleanses the “gum” of thoughts that are constantly spinning in my head, and instead fresh ideas come.

Healthy sleep patterns
Sleep is not a waste of time, but a healing practice that allows the nervous system to “digest” all the events of the day, assimilate new information, and restore balance to all organs and tissues. With good relaxation before going to bed, the body will need less time for these processes.
Relax with soothing herbal tea, a fragrant bath or a warm shower, a little stretching practice, (self)neck and shoulder massage, deep breathing control, and visualization of pleasant events.
It is better to postpone some things for the morning and go to bed on time. A couple of hours before bedtime, turn off the gadgets and the TV to adjust the hormonal system in the right way. It is also important how we wake up: five minutes of stretching exercises, and lying in bed, bring the body into a healthy tone, and charge in a good mood.

Healthy eating. How to live in harmony with yourself. 
The lack of certain vitamins and trace elements affects, among other things, our mood, vitality. Vitamin D, and B vitamins, as well as magnesium, iodine, selenium, zinc, iron, and polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, are especially important.
Breathing exercises
Daily breathing exercises improve the state of mind and body, especially in combination with visualization.

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Fresh air and nature
Walks in the fresh air, in the bosom of nature, establishes thinking processes, helps solve creative tasks, and literally inspires!

To hear, feel and understand yourself and your loved ones, it is necessary. Silence is not only sound but also “digital”. The modern urban man is overloaded with information. It is extremely important to be able to get out of virtuality and return to the tangible, living world. Inspiring communication
The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our communication. At the same time, live contacts are needed, not virtual ones.

Little joys – every day! How to live in harmony with yourself. 
Talk longer with your family, read an exciting book for ten minutes, or call an old friend you haven’t seen for several years. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to get a taste of life. Happiness is like a precious seasoning: it is scattered all over the dish, but in small grains. It’s good to start the day with the question: what to please yourself with now? Next: how to please and surprise your loved ones today?

The magic power of Art
Favorite music, interesting books, good movies, beautiful paintings, and photographs decorating our house – all this fills life with colors of emotions and inspiration.

Breadth of interests
If you allow yourself to develop in different directions, hobbies. And not only to be a professional in your narrow specialty, it will positively affect a person’s sense of self: a more fruitful life, a more sense of success. Feel free to create: sing, draw, dance!

Gratitude. How to live in harmony with yourself. 
A wonderful source of strength, inspiration, and a conductor of good changes and development. The habit of giving thanks, even for small things, helps to establish relationships in the family, help to open up to loved ones from the best sides, form healthy self-esteem (to thank and praise yourself, including), and achieve your goals. The older a person gets, the more important in his life is the ability to thank.

The power of acceptance

Driving deep anger, sadness, and fear, you can create prerequisites for psychosomatic diseases. It is important to live through all emotions and allow yourself to be sad, angry, and upset. The main thing is not too long. After a wave down, there will always be a wave up.

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A sense of humor is an assistant in resolving conflicts. People who are naturally cheerful and cheerful are very lucky: it is easier for them to cope with any difficulties. At the same time, as he trains, he develops a sense of humor, too.


Being an optimist is beneficial. Optimists have better health, higher self-esteem, and much more chances of success, and the level of subjective well–being (simply happiness) is higher. It seems to be obvious. Then what do pessimists choose for themselves?

The Power of Faith

There is a huge reserve of strength in trust. Basic trust in the world and faith in support is something without which it is very difficult to build your life in a turbulent age full of surprises. Science confirms the materiality of thoughts and even tries to explain the mechanism of this phenomenon. We can do more than we think. A person becomes what he believes in himself.

A sense of meaning

A person finds happiness only when he gives joy to another.

Thinking only about himself, and his pleasures, a person does not find happiness, but over time begins to feel emptiness, boredom, and meaninglessness. The counteraction to this is in the almost existential experience of searching for oneself, one’s destiny: what kind, interesting, useful, beautiful things can I bring to this world?

Find your way

We intuitively turn to sources of strength: we spend time in nature, sing when it’s difficult, feed ourselves with healthy food and healthy thoughts, and look for joyful communication. We find joy in small things, remember the main thing, give love to loved ones, thank them, and believe in the power of good.

Remember about the little “secrets” that support a state of harmony and inspiration, and be ready to work for the sake of your dreams. Isn’t this happiness?