9 life hacks to spend the summer in joy and well-being?

9 life hacks to spend the summer in joy and well-being?

Spending the summer in the city can be both a conscious and a forced choice. But in any case, this is a special time when you want to change the usual way of life and not waste a single day. What habits should be reviewed so that even summer allows you not to miss the summer joys and benefit? 9 life hacks to spend the summer in joy and well-being?

A long daylight day in summer will allow even after a full working day to arrange an evening picnic in nature. Try to get out to the nearest city parks instead of restaurants or dinner at home. Choose seasonal vegetables and berries and light protein dishes from fish, turkey, or rabbit.
And be sure to walk barefoot on the grass – such a method of “grounding” as with a real massage will work out special points on the feet, which, in turn, are responsible for the state of internal organs and body systems. And also – it will help to get rid of excessive electromagnetic urban radiation. On weekends in summer, give preference to city food markets – make it a habit to wake up early and go for the freshest products.
By the way, one of the real summer city habits can be a change of transport, which you use every day. Transfer from a car or subway to a bicycle, scooter, or just walk as much as possible. This way you will not only be able to view the city from new angles but also provide an excellent service to your body – strengthen muscles, maintain shape, improve blood circulation, actively saturating it with oxygen.
At the same time, choosing such an eco-friendly movement around the city will reduce the level of cortisol, a stress hormone that is consumed with more active physical activity. The body will actively expend its energy reserves, and the brain will deftly suppress anxiety and reflection.

These nine recommendations will help you enjoy the warmest and sunniest season of the year more. After all, when we are in harmony with natural cycles, our health, energy, and ability to create increase many times.

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#1. Make eating easier. 9 life hacks to spend the summer in joy and well-being?

In summer, you can safely switch to plant-based nutrition (80% by volume will be acceptable for many), as the need for fats and heavy proteins decreases. Enjoy berries, and fruits, drink more and add dark greens like arugula, dandelions, and curly cabbage to dishes. Salads, steamed vegetables with avocado sauce, homemade ice cream, ricotta, paneer, or lentils — well saturated and do not give the body extra load during extreme heat.

Try not to skip meals, otherwise, it can cause exhaustion and irritation.

#2. Prevent dry skin and swelling by balancing nutrition.

In the middle of summer, you may feel dry skin and problems with the lymph system.

This usually manifests itself as:

skin rash;
poor digestion;
unquenchable hunger;
bad mood.

You can use natural “medicines”: watermelons, berries, peaches, and plums. Cucumbers, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, mint, and coconut oil help restore the water balance.

#3. Adjust physical activity. 9 life hacks to spend the summer in joy and well-being?

In summer, it is better to reduce interval training and yoga in hot rooms. Try to switch to lighter physical activity and exercise more in the morning or evening, but not in the heat. Swimming and yoga will be a great choice. Any sport can be suitable if, after exertion, you do a 2-minute massage with cooling coconut oil and water treatments with cool water.

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#4. Avoid foods:

peppery food;
strongly acidic;
red meat;
mature cheeses in abundance;

#5. Use scents and colors to harmonize the condition

Sandalwood, mint, ylang-ylang, rose and jasmine are the most suitable summer scents.

From the colors, choose cooling light and neutral colors: white, green, and blue.

#6. Protect your eyes from irritation

If irritation appears in the eyes from heat and dust, then rinse them with triphala tea and spray on the closed eyelids a couple of times a day with rose water. Be sure to plan a vacation and disconnect from your computer and social networks for at least a few days.


#7. Avoid conflicts. 9 life hacks to spend the summer in joy and well-being?

It is better to turn competition and rivalry into a game. Do not argue for no reason and do not try to control all situations. Be more accommodating, learn to forgive, and be kind to yourself and others. To help your nervous system stay in balance, plan time in nature, with friends and, if possible, long evening walks under the moon.

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#8. Move towards goals more gently and relaxed

When the sun is bright and hot outside, it’s time to relax, strong ambitions and excessive schedule tension will increase the imbalance. It is best to devote this time to taking care of yourself and giving the inner commander a rest. Remember that success is not just about achieving goals, but also the joy of the road itself.

#9. It makes sense to reconsider your approach:

Where do you demand too much from yourself and others?
Where are you trying to control something that doesn’t depend on you?
What is the reason for the greatest amount of tension and stress?

Think about how you can move on with a deeper level of trust in yourself and your path. This will help you move into the second half of the year with new ease.