How to preserve youth and vitality?

How to preserve youth and vitality?

Youth is a harmonious flow of energy. Fears create blocks that prevent them from flowing and waste huge resources. So, the ability to work with them in time is necessary for a person.

We make up our own formula for a happy and long life

How to influence life expectancy? How to preserve youth and vitality?

The duration and quality of life are determined by three groups of factors, of which genetics is only one. The other two are the environment: ecology, insolation, and temperature, in which you live. And also habits: nutrition, physical education, smoking, and sleep.

You can influence the length of life, “add” or “reduce” yourself from 5 to 20 years, if you learn to manage external factors that are subject to us – change habits, choose the most suitable region of residence and the nature of the activity. What and how to change — genes show.

Practical conclusion: it is possible and necessary to make an analysis and a detailed analysis of your genetic profile, identify mutations and hereditary factors, and start systematically observing them.


Youth. Photo from pixabay

Very important is a set of habits and lifestyles. How to preserve youth and vitality?

Movement every day. This is walking and moderate static, every day.

We reduce calories by 20%. Moderate nutrition without overeating.

Nuts. Or monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, and other benefits for the heart.

Mainly vegetarian food, 80% of the diet is vegetables and fruits.

Antioxidants. Natural juice (pomegranate, orange, apple).

Believe. Faith, meditation, and any spiritual work literally prolong life.

Family comes first. Loyalty, loyalty, meaningfulness. This is what allows you to live longer and, much more importantly, better.

Practical conclusion: If you are happy in your family and community, if you have a favorite thing and you understand “why all this”, then you literally have a place to live. More precisely, why.

About the preservation of vital energy. How to preserve youth and vitality?

#1. The first is flexibility, that is, non—static, the ability to change, adapt, and not be afraid of the new.
The ability to think quickly, make decisions and implement. Consider that it is necessary to try new, unknown, but interesting. And it turns out that if you don’t get hung up and don’t doubt, then everything is possible and it turns out.

Do something that you’ve been putting off for a long time, and be sure to praise yourself loudly for it! Praise yourself and reward yourself whenever you have done something for yourself, maybe not quite pleasant, but useful.

#2. Learning is the desire and ability to learn new things regularly.
#3. The ability to be surprised and rejoice in the world. A person should be both deep and joyful and should do what he loves, which brings pleasure and a sense of satisfaction.

#4. Ease on the rise and some riskiness — the ability, without hesitation, to say “yes” to a new adventure.

#5. Love — do you need to be in love all the time? In someone or in yourself? Is it possible?

Love is wonderful. You are young as long as you are able to fall in love and love. Energy in a relationship is passion, and fire, which for success we must bring to everything we do.

#6. Despite your age, regular exercise increases the concentration of capillaries and leads to optimal use of oxygen by cells for the body’s needs, maintaining health and excellent appearance.

#7. A full-fledged diet (which includes a moderate amount of protein and complex carbohydrates, legumes, enzymatic products, nuts, fresh vegetables, and fruits.

As well as healthy sleep, maximum stress reduction, and regular exercise – a reliable way to preserve youth, health, and cheerfulness.

If you live in pleasure and love yourself for everything you do, then of course, such a life will last longer than others – why would she give up?

Youth. Photo from pixabay

Understand what works for you. To do this, make an analysis of the genetic profile or at least ask the next of kin about hereditary diseases present in the family in order to minimize the risks and not die earlier than measured by modern science.

To live not where, but how. Faith, loved ones, and meanings – that’s what prolongs our life because it becomes meaningful. Then it is clear — for what, then it is clear — why.

Love yourself and believe in yourself. Awareness comes first, everything else is a pleasant consequence.

(1) – “The duration of human life (longevity) is influenced by genetics, the environment, and lifestyle. Environmental improvements beginning in the 1900s extended the average life span dramatically with significant improvements in the availability of food and clean water, better housing and living conditions, reduced exposure to infectious diseases, and access to medical care.”

(1) – Is longevity determined by genetics?