How to cook chicken broth and 3 soup recipes.

How to make chicken broth and 3 soup recipes.

Chicken broth is a healthy dish. You can not only eat it with croutons, but also turn it into a base for soup, sauce or garnish. The main thing is to cook the broth correctly. How to make chicken broth and 3 soup recipes. The classic broth recipe uses the whole chicken, but some parts...

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Cobb salad

Cobb salad with chicken, bacon, and blue cheese. Treat yourself to a delicious and very satisfying salad of fresh vegetables with chicken fillet and fried bacon, so it is customary to serve it as a main dish. The ingredients are laid out in a certain order: boiled eggs, avocado, tomatoes, boiled chicken, onions, fried bacon,

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Chicken wings with seasoning

Chicken wings with seasoning

I suggest a recipe for wings with seasoning. I deep-fried the wings. In general, I prefer to bake them on a baking sheet, or rather on two baking sheets and immediately 40-50 pieces. Chicken wings with seasoning. Ingredients Chicken wings-10 PCs. Flour-1/3 Cup Paprika-0.5 tsp. Cayenne pepper-1/4 tsp. Salt-pinch Butter 3 tablespoons Hot tomato sauce

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