3 recipes chicken with apples in the oven

3 recipes chicken with apples in the oven

3 delicious recipes for chicken with apples in the oven. Chicken with apples turns out delicious, delicate and soft. The chicken baked with apples looks very beautiful, appetizing and solemn. The meat becomes juicy and easily digested by the body. Chicken meat absorbs the aroma and taste of ingredients well (fruits soften it and make it very soft).

Juicy delicious chicken with apples and garlic-cooked in the oven

Cook chicken with apples in the oven according to this recipe is very simple. In this case, the bird is evenly fried, moderately juicy and incredibly delicious.


Chicken 4.41 lbs (2 kg)
Green apples with sourness 3 PCs
Medium-sized onion
Liquid honey 2 tablespoons of table.
Classic or garlic soy sauce 3 tablespoons
Grainy or classic mustard 2 tablespoons
Garlic 1 PC.
To taste spices salt and pepper, you can add curry or ready-made seasoning for chicken.
Olive oil 4 spoons.


In a deep bowl, mix honey, mustard, spices, peeled garlic pressed through a garlic press, soy sauce, and oil.
With the ready-made marinade, carefully brush the bird outside and inside, leave it to soak in the refrigerator for 50 minutes.
Cut the onion into half-rings or quarters, if the head is large, fry in oil until soft golden color.
Wash the apples thoroughly, them, and cut them into slices, removing the cores and seeds.
Mix the аpple slices and finely chopped onion.
Put parchment or foil on a baking sheet and put the apple-onion mixture on it.
Put the marinated chicken carcass on top.
Heat the oven to 392F (200C) degrees, then reduce the degrees to 356 (180 C), put the bird and cook for 60-80 minutes, depending on the weight of the carcass.
The baked chicken is ready! It remains to transfer it to a beautiful dish, next to lay out baked apples and decorate with sprigs of any greens.


3 recipes chicken with apples in the oven
3 recipes chicken with apples in the oven

How to cook chicken in the oven stuffed with apples and prunes

Poultry baked with prunes and apples gets an incredibly delicate and elegant taste. Useful advice! This chicken with apples in the oven can be prepared in a food sleeve or foil, then the poultry meat will be more juicy, evenly fried and will melt in the mouth.


Chicken 4.41 lbs 2 ( kg)
Apple 3pc (it is best to choose a variety that has a sour taste).
Prunes 10 PCs
A spoonful or one and a half of grainy French mustard.
To taste, a mixture of seasonings from ground coriander, turmeric, sweet paprika, black pepper and salt.
Tomato 3 PC
Greens to taste


Eviscerate and wash the carcass well, you do not need to cut it.
Mix the mustard with the spices and salt, rub the poultry meat inside and the skin outside, let it soak for an hour, leaving the chicken in the refrigerator.
Cut the washed apples into small convenient pieces. Do not forget to remove the seeds and cores, if desired, you can cut the skin.
Wash the prunes, you don’t need to cut the dried fruit.
Mix the apples with the prunes and fill the chicken.
Sew up your carcass with thread, make punctures in several places with a toothpick.
Wrap the chicken in foil or place it in a baking sleeve and send it to a preheated oven.
Bake the products until ready for about an hour at 392F (200C) degrees. It may take more or less time, depending on the size of the carcass.
While the bird, baked with prunes and apples, is preparing, wash the lettuce leaves and tomatoes.
Lay the salad leaves on a beautiful dish. Cut the tomatoes into slices.
Take the bird out of the oven, let it cool down a little, transfer the products to a dish, next cover with prepared tomatoes.

Delicious chicken with apples in the oven is ready, you can safely serve on the table.


3 recipes chicken with apples in the oven
3 recipes chicken with apples in the oven

Chicken in honey sauce baked with apples and prunes

It is important that the longer the chicken is marinated in the sauce, the more flavorful the meat will turn out. Read and do it!

Marinade is prepared from honey, mustard, garlic, olive oil, soy sauce at the rate of 2-3 cloves of garlic and two tablespoons of all other ingredients.

The resulting marinade smear the bird on the outside and inside, cover with a film, place in the cold for at least an hour and a half. The longer the meat is marinated, the softer and juicier it will be.



For 1 chicken you will need:

Honey 2 tablespoons
Apple 3pc
Mustard 2 tablespoons
Crushed lemon zest 2 tablespoons
Prunes ¼ Cup
Garlic 3 cloves
salt, spices, pepper to taste;
potatoes for garnish



First of all, wash and dry the chicken, then rub with salt and pepper. Next, prepare the “filling”: chop the garlic, cut the prunes, remove the core from the apples, cut into slices.

The carcass is stuffed with a fruit garlic mixture, sewn or chipped with toothpicks. Prepare honey sauce: mix honey with mustard, lemon zest and spices.

Cover the chicken with the sauce on all sides, put it in a form or on a baking sheet. Around cover the remaining apples, potato slices, send to a preheated 356F (180C) degrees oven.

During the baking process, you should water the chicken several times with the liquid that has melted out of it.


3 recipes chicken with apples in the oven
3 recipes chicken with apples in the oven


Useful tips to make the baked chicken with apples turned out delicious and flavorful

To prepare a festive dish, you can either not cut the carcass, or cut it into parts and lay the marinated pieces, alternating them with apples.

To make the bird juicy and well-fried inside, you should make punctures all over the carcass with a regular toothpick before going to the oven.

Adding a small amount of honey to the marinade will give the dish a ruddy crust.

If the chicken is cooked entirely with apples inside, it should be sewn up, so that the filling does not crawl out when baking. Make the stitches large, so that it is convenient to get the thread later. In this case, the filling from the gaps should not fall out.

To give maximum flavor and create beauty when serving the dish, half an hour before the chicken is ready, open the oven and spread a few fresh apple slices around the carcass. These apples are then evenly spread over the dish around the finished fried product. They will absorb all the flavor of spices and the taste of chicken when cooking and can become an excellent side dish to the meat itself. In addition to apples, you can also bake tomatoes, orange slices, prunes, small onion heads and potato slices 30 minutes before the dish is ready.

It is best to stuff the bird with green apple fruits and use varieties with sourness. They will give the dish a special piquancy and remove excess fat when cooking.

You can view the readiness of the dish with an ordinary wooden toothpick.

So that the bird in the oven turned out juicy, bake it in a sleeve or foil.

Cook for your health and Bon appetit!