The benefits of essential oils in daily care

The benefits of essential oils in daily care

If, with the onset of winter, you start wrapping yourself in a blanket and cooking warming tea, but a good mood does not even think about coming. We have some great recipes to create a special atmosphere. The benefits of essential oils in daily care.

Aromas of essential oils will help to recover during this winter period. Aromatherapy not only improves mood and relaxes, but also relieves stress, restores our nervous system and boosts immunity. And in winter it is especially important. In addition, temperature fluctuations and dry air do not have the most favorable effect on our skin, making it more sensitive. That is why in winter you should reconsider your usual care towards more nutritious formulations.

Fragrant baths. The benefits of essential oils in daily care.

Diluted rose essential oil was added to warm water, the procedure took about 15 minutes, after which the body was rubbed with hands for a light lymphatic drainage effect. Essential oil must be diluted with a natural emulsifier (for example, base cosmetic oil, bath salt, etc.). Pure ether does not dissolve in water, and direct contact with the skin can cause an undesirable reaction.

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By choosing essential oils to suit your taste, it is especially easy to complete the procedure by supplementing it. So, lavender oil will help to get rid of stress and restore sleep, and orange in combination with tea tree will strengthen the immune system and facilitate breathing. The beauty of essential oils lies in their versatility, every day can be a day of a special fragrance, a day of your mood.

Plunging into a warm bath, try to discard thoughts, free your mind, feel the atmosphere around you with your skin and get real pleasure. And then give your skin the nutrition that it needs so much: apply a small amount of massage oil or butter on your hands, warm it with your warmth and distribute it with massage movements from the bottom up.

Creating aromatic bath mixtures is an exciting and creative process. By combining essential oils, you can create a unique fragrance and have a beneficial effect on the body. They have many useful properties and a wide range of applications. Here are some of them:

Aromatic bath mixtures. The benefits of essential oils in daily care.

1. Lavender harmony

This mixture will help you achieve harmony with yourself. Lavender soothes and relaxes, geranium creates a feeling of calm and tranquility, and rosemary stimulates and refreshes the mind.

3 drops of lavender + 2 drops of geranium + 2 drops of rosemary

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2. Citrus freshness

The aroma of orange, lemon and grapefruit will lift your mood, improve energy and create a feeling of freshness and lightness.

3 drops of orange + 2 drops of lemon + 2 drops of grapefruit

3. Floral mix
It will help to achieve harmony and relaxation surrounded by floral scents. Rose will create an atmosphere of luxury and tranquility, lavender will help you relax and improve your mood, and ylang-ylang will add a touch of exoticism and peace.

3 drops of rose + 2 drops of lavender + 2 drops of ylang-ylang

4. Meditation in the bathroom
These oils will help to achieve deep relaxation and a state of meditation. The scent of frankincense helps to calm the mind and improve concentration, patchouli creates a sense of earth and stability, and bergamot will help to cope with emotional problems, reduce the symptoms of anxiety, tension and depression.

3 drops of incense + 2 drops of patchouli + 2 drops of bergamot

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5. Protection of immunity. The benefits of essential oils in daily care.
This mixture will help protect the body from harmful effects and increase energy. Tea tree has antimicrobial properties, helps strengthen the immune system. Eucalyptus refreshes the breath and cleanses the air, while rosemary stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the body and increases energy.

3 drops of tea tree + 2 drops of eucalyptus + 2 drops of rosemary

Thanks to such a bath, daily care turns into a pleasure, into a small pleasure of your own, when you really relax behind a closed door, gain new strength before meeting a new day.