Berry smoothie with nut butter, yogurt and spinach

Berry smoothie with nut butter yogurt and spinach

A wonderful cocktail is perfect for breakfast, afternoon tea or dinner. This is a great way to satisfy hunger without harm to the figure, as well as a great opportunity to restore the body’s tone and replenish its reserves of vitamins and minerals. Berry smoothie with nut butter yogurt and spinach.

Spinach is a herbaceous plant whose leaves are ideal for making a vitamin drink. Greens contain many vitamins and trace elements that have a positive effect on health.

Tips for making diet smoothies with spinach:

But first, let’s list the tips that will help you make the perfect drink for weight loss. Use only low-calorie foods.
Be sure to add fruit to the drink was thick. it is allowed to use frozen fruit.
Mix sweet and sour foods together – they will help you get a balanced taste. Pour in any juices.
To decorate the drink, sprinkle it with ground nuts.
Be sure to clean the fruit before cooking. It is necessary to extract seeds that can give the finished drink a noticeable bitterness. Before adding spinach, discard the flaccid leaves.
Combine products of different densities. For example, you can make a drink from an Apple and an orange (the same proportions must be observed).
Do not use sugar substitutes. Usually, the fruit has a sufficient amount of sucrose, which gives the drink a sweet taste. If you decide to make a smoothie from sour berries, you can add honey.


Calculated 2 servings
Strawberry 3.53 oz (100g)
Blueberries 2 tablespoons
Raspberries 2 tablespoons
Nut oil 1 tablespoon
Natural skimmed yogurt 1 Cup
Fresh spinach leaves 1 bunch
Ice to taste
Calories 180 kcal
Protein 5.7 grams
Fat 11.3 grams
Carbohydrates 13.1 grams

Instruction. Berry smoothie with nut butter yogurt and spinach.

Cooking time 10 minutes

Sort the berries, remove the leaves and stalks.
Wash the berries and let the water drain.
Place the ingredients from the list in the bowl of a blender and whisk until they are as smooth as possible. Pour the smoothies into glasses and serve immediately, topped with fresh berries.
Try to make a smoothie, you will be pleasantly surprised with the result.
Smoothies are just a miracle!