Festive and delicious candies, we cook with our own hands. Master class #37

Festive and delicious candies, we cook with our own hands. Master class #37

Handmade candies have at least three advantages. First, you know the composition of the candies. Secondly, the taste can be changed according to your desire. And finally, it is a wonderful way to please friends and get a lot of praise for yourself. So, chocolate truffles, a recipe for self-cooking. Festive and delicious candies we cook with our own hands.

Chocolates that are prepared very simply, but look quite impressive. These candies can even be presented as a sweet gift made with your own hands. The composition of the candies can be changed, each time using different nuts and dried fruits.

#1. Chocolate candies truffles. Festive and delicious candies we cook with our own hands.

For a traditional delicacy, you will need high-quality chocolate, heavy cream and cocoa powder. Sometimes truffles are cooked with butter. Then they get a little denser.

Ingredients 3 servings:

The nutritional value of a serving is 656 k Cal
dark chocolate 8.82oz
cream 33-35% 3.53oz
cocoa powder 2 tablespoons


Cooking time is two hours and 30 minutes

Break the chocolate into pieces and melt in a water bath. Remove the pan from the heat, pour in the cream and knead everything into a smooth, shiny mass (if it does not immediately turn out homogeneous, return to the water bath for a short time).

Put the chocolate mass in the refrigerator for 2 hours, preferably overnight. Sift the cocoa through a sieve onto a dish. Collect the cooled chocolate mass with a spoon, form small balls with your hands and roll in cocoa. Store the candies in the refrigerator.

Chocolate candies truffles
Chocolate candies truffles. Photos from pixabay

#2. Almond candies with prunes. Festive and delicious candies we cook with our own hands.

If the classic version seems too high in calories, you can make healthy candies. They will require roasted almonds, soft prunes and some chia seeds. Instead of the latter, you can take coconut chips or increase the number of nuts. The finished truffles are liberally sprinkled with cocoa powder.

Sweets based on nuts and dried fruits are a great option for fans of proper nutrition. Minimum ingredients, ease of preparation — what could be better?

Ingredients 8 servings:

The nutritional value of a serving is 148 k Cal
prunes 5.29oz
roasted almonds 3.53oz
chia seeds 1 teaspoon
cocoa powder 2 tablespoons


Cooking time is 20 minutes

Rinse the prunes and dry them on a paper towel. Dry the almonds in a preheated 356F oven for 5 minutes. Put the prunes, almonds, chia seeds and 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder in a blender bowl. Grind everything in a blender. Form balls from the resulting mass. From this amount of ingredients, 16 candies are obtained, depending on the size. Roll each ball in cocoa. The candies are ready. Enjoy your meal!

#3. Sweets with cookies. Festive and delicious candies, we cook with our own hands.

It is worth combining cookies with cream cheese, as you will get a delicious treat for tea. Cover the finished candies with icing and garnish with crushed almonds. To give the nuts a pleasant crispness, heat them in a frying pan along with 1 tablespoon of sugar.

Everything is very banal and simple, but how delicious! Rich chocolate taste, aroma, delicate consistency — it beckons you to reach for another candy!

Also, these candies can be a wonderful gift for your family and friends at Christmas and New Year holidays!

Sweets with cookies
Sweets with cookies. Photos from pixabay

cookies 12 pcs.
cream cheese 3.53oz
bitter black chocolate 3.53oz
butter 1 tablespoon
almonds 5 pcs
sugar 1 teaspoon


Cooking time is two hours

Chop the cookies with a blender into fine crumbs. Add cream cheese. Mix well until smooth and refrigerate for 15 minutes. Then form the candies and put them back in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Melt the dark chocolate and butter. And mix it well. Dip one piece of candy into the glaze and put it on baking paper. Chop the almonds. Pour into a hot frying pan, fry for just 1 minute. And add sugar.
And immediately mix with a wooden spatula. Thus, without ceasing to stir intensively, caramelize the nuts for 2-3 minutes over medium heat. Let the finished nuts cool down. Sprinkle the candies with nuts and put them in the refrigerator.

#4. Coconut candy truffles

White chocolate is the basis here. It is melted in a water bath along with cream. Then add the butter and mix the mass until it has a beautiful shine. For a more interesting sound, you can supplement the billet with lime zest, vanilla sugar or extract. When you use the spice, check that the sugar crystals have dissolved well.

Ingredients for 6 servings:

The nutritional value of a serving is 348 k Cal
white chocolate 7.0oz
cream 33-35% 5 tablespoons
lime zest to taste
vanilla extract ½ teaspoon
butter 1 tablespoon
coconut chips 4 tablespoons
hazelnuts 20 pcs.

Coconut candy truffles
Coconut candy truffles. Photos from pixabay


Cooking time is 20 minutes

For this recipe, it is better to take good quality chocolate. Vanilla extract can be replaced with vanilla sugar. So, put the chocolate and cream in a bowl and put it in a water bath. The bowl should not touch the water, and the water should not boil. When the chocolate is almost melted, add the butter and, stirring, bring the chocolate to a liquid smooth state.

Remove the bowl of chocolate from the water bath and mix for a minute. Then add the zest, vanilla extract and mix again. At the end, add 2 tablespoons of coconut chips, mix well, cover with foil and refrigerate for 1-2 hours. The mass should cool well so that it can be used to form candies.

Dry the hazelnuts in the oven or in a frying pan and peel them off. Take a teaspoon of chocolate mass, quickly make a tortilla with your hands, put the hazelnuts in the middle, form a ball and roll in the remaining coconut chips. Send the finished candies to the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes. It turned out very tasty and very tender. Enjoy your meal!

#5. Cottage cheese candies truffles. Festive and delicious candies we cook with our own hands.

If you are looking for a recipe for a quick dessert for tea, we recommend you try these candies. It will take only 30 minutes to cook them. During this time, you will have time to mix cottage cheese with crushed cookies, a piece of butter and 2 tablespoons of condensed milk. All that remains is to add dried figs and nuts, heat them in a dry pan with sugar. The mass turns out to be quite dense, so you can immediately form candies from it.

Cottage cheese candies truffles
Cottage cheese candies truffles. Photos from pixabay

Ingredients for 20 servings:
cottage cheese 9% 8.82oz
butter 2 teaspoons
milk biscuits 3.53oz
chopped walnuts 2 tablespoons
condensed milk 2 tablespoons
dried figs 3 pcs.
cocoa 3 teaspoons


Cooking time is 30 minutes

Mash cottage cheese, butter and condensed milk well with a fork. Chop the nuts with a knife. Then fry for a minute or two in a hot frying pan, add 2 teaspoons of sugar and fry for 1-2 minutes more. Add caramelized nuts, cookies (crushed in a blender) and finely chopped figs to the curd mass. Mix everything well. If desired, you can also add condensed milk. From the resulting mass to form candies, the shape can be any. Roll them in cocoa or chocolate or waffle crumbs. You will get 18-20 candies. Refrigerate for about an hour. Keep it in the refrigerator! Enjoy your meal!

It is dried fruits that are most often introduced into recipes for homemade sweets. You can prepare a sweet dessert for tea with a minimum set of products. And it is not only delicious, but also a healthy dessert. One of the best options for those who regularly practice various diets and try to reduce the amount of sugar in their diet.