Holiday recipe Turkey in mustard sauce, baked with apples

Turkey in mustard sauce baked with apples

When the whole family gathers at the festive table, you want to cook something special. I made a turkey baked with apples. What hostess does not dream of decorating her holiday table with something unforgettable and unique? Traditionally, on holidays it is customary to serve a large bird, whether it is a turkey or a goose, but how to cook it so that it is fragrant, delicious, and most importantly, not dry? Turkey in mustard sauce baked with apples.


turkey 1 PC.
apples 45.86 oz
salt 2 teaspoons
pepper 1.5 teaspoons
basil 1 tablespoon
olive oil 1/4 Cup
mustard 5 tablespoons
boiled potatoes for garnish 52.91 oz

Instruction. Turkey in mustard sauce baked with apples.

How to cook turkey baked with apples:

Wash and dry the turkey. Rub with salt, pepper and Basil on the outside and inside. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 12 hours. Slice the apples.

Mix mustard and olive oil. Turn on the oven and preheat it to 392F degrees. Remove and unwrap the turkey. Carefully spread it on the outside with mustard sauce. Put the sliced apples inside. Tie the legs.

Completely wrap the turkey with foil, you can use several layers. Place the turkey on a baking sheet, breast down. Breast is the driest meat. If the turkey is baked in this position, the white meat will be soaked in juices and become soft and juicy.

So that the carcass does not fall on its side (this is true for home-made “natural” turkey), it needs to be propped up, you can use apples. Broiler turkey is more stable because it has more white meat.

Bake the turkey first for 50 minutes at a temperature of 392F degrees. Then reduce the heat to 338F degrees and bake the turkey for another 3-4 hours.

Then you need to cut the foil, pour the turkey with the resulting juice. You can pour boiled potatoes on the sides, which will then serve as a side dish.

Put the turkey in the oven for another 40 minutes. Ready-made turkey baked with apples will be very fragrant, tender, with a crispy brown crust.

Turkey baked with apples is ready. Bon Appetit!