Why is it important to drink water when losing weight?

Why is it important to drink water when losing weight?

Every cell of our body needs water. When losing weight, it is important to drink water. Why is it important to drink water when losing weight?

Drinking water is vital for life and is necessary for all processes in the body. Water makes up a total of 50 to 70% of the total body weight and helps regulate temperature and digestion, as well as supports other the functions of the body. Because the body is constantly using up water through sweat, breathing, and digestion, monitoring hydration throughout the day can change a person’s daily activities.

(1) – “The rate of water consumption depends on weight: the higher the body weight, the more fluid the body needs. Experts believe that for every kilogram of weight in the daily diet, there should be 30-40 ml of water consumed.”

Drink a glass of water with every meal;
Carry bottled water with you;
Drink while exercising;
Drink more water if it’s hot or humid outside;
Keep a glass of water on the bedside table;
Eat fruits and vegetables with a high water content: grapes, melons, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, lettuce.

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Water removes metabolic products. Why is it important to drink water when losing weight?

Drinking water for weight loss plays a key role in the elimination of metabolic products. Regular consumption of water helps the body get rid of metabolic waste, improving overall well-being and speeding up the weight loss process. By drinking enough water daily, you maintain the functioning of the kidneys and sweat glands. This helps to cleanse the body more effectively and promotes faster and healthier weight loss.

Water naturally suppresses appetite

Water reduces the amount of calories absorbed. This is the main fact that explains why water is necessary for weight loss. It quenches thirst the best. If you drink two or more liters a day, you will no longer have to quench your thirst with juices, lemonades, compotes and so on, which means that fewer calories will be consumed.

Thirst caused by moderate dehydration is quite often mistaken by the brain for a feeling of hunger. Perhaps your appetite will decrease if you just drink warm water. In addition, water can contribute to saturation: once in the stomach, it activates receptors, and saturation signals begin to flow to the brain. Thus, by drinking 1 glass of water shortly before eating, you can get enough of less food!

Water helps to expend energy. Why is it important to drink water when losing weight?

Many people know that one of the reasons for daily calorie intake is thermogenesis, that is, the amount of calories that the body spends only on digesting and storing food (about 10% of the daily calorie intake). But there is also thermogenesis caused by water. Water, especially chilled water, stimulates the production of heat in the body (converts calories into heat).
Water helps the body with physical activity

The fluid helps the muscles, connective tissues and joints to move properly, and the lungs and heart to work effectively. When you drink enough water, the risk of muscle cramps and fatigue decreases – which means nothing will interfere with your workout. It is very important to assess the state of hydration before training.

Some people require more or less water, depending on a variety of factors, including:

activity level;
the ratio of fatty tissues and muscles;
the state of health.

Water needs are completely dependent on the individual. For example, people who sweat a lot or exercise regularly may need more water than those who are not very active.

(2) – “Sweating profusely, doing heavy physical labor or sports, and living in a hot climate, may need more fluids to maintain water balance. At the same time, in the cold season or in humid climates, when water losses are not so significant, the daily rate may decrease. Those who like spicy, salty, protein-rich foods need more water, compared with those who prefer vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of liquid.”

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Water can reduce the total calorie intake from the liquid

Water is the best alternative to high—calorie drinks such as juice, soda, sweetened tea or coffee. A dehydrated body cannot do this correctly, so even the strictest diet without enough fluids will not bring results.

How to drink water for weight loss?Why is it important to drink water when losing weight?

You should not constantly think about how much water you need per day to lose weight and how to use water correctly. This habit should be formed naturally. To begin with, you can train yourself to take a glass of water every morning after waking up. This will wake up the body and start the fat burning processes.

It is also recommended to take a closer look at some rules:

Use only clean water without any additives.
Drink water half an hour before meals and an hour after meals.
Do not drink excess liquid during meals.
In the evening, after 20 hours, the volume of water consumed decreases.
The simplest option would be to use water at room temperature, but it would not be superfluous to find out what temperature the water should be, since the effect of the drink will be different.
On average, 7-8 glasses of water are consumed per day, depending on the initial weight.

After a couple of weeks, the habit of drinking water will become automatic.

How do I switch to a proper drinking regime? Why is it important to drink water when losing weight?

1. Determine what is the optimal amount of water for the body. You don’t have to force yourself to drink. You also need to make sure that symptoms of dehydration do not appear.
2. Drawing up a schedule. Drinking regime by the hour for weight loss can be done in the form of a table, or use special mobile applications. It is recommended to choose several hour intervals every day when the liquid will be consumed regularly. During the day, the need for drinking may change, but in the morning and evening, before and after training, before eating, it remains unchanged.

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3. You need to start small. If clean water used to enter the body in small quantities, this does not mean that you need to drink 8 glasses immediately. You need to switch to a drinking regime gradually, so as not to worsen your health, but to improve it.
4. For a change, you can include herbal tea or other sugar-free drinks in your diet.

The inclusion of other beverages in the drinking regime is acceptable, but in moderation. They need to be taken into account when calculating calories, since even herbs have their own caloric content and can prevent you from losing weight.

Over time, a proper drinking regime for weight loss will be formed, which will fully meet the individual needs of the body.

Drinking water is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, the body will begin to collapse. It is necessary for many body functions, so it is especially important to monitor water intake. Drinking enough liquid is useful for those who want to lose weight, and for people who care about their health, because lack of water can lead to a violation of biochemical, and metabolic processes in the body.
Do not forget to follow the drinking regime ― take care of yourself, and your body will thank you!

(1,2) – Harvard Medical School; How much water should you drink? Howard E. LeWine, MD, Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing;   May 22, 2023;


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