8 simple steps to increase energy?

8 simple steps to increase energy?

The issue of increasing energy is of interest to everyone without exception. It is the high energy of a person that is the key to success in all spheres of life. 8 simple steps to increase energy?

#1. The reason why you need to increase energy is your ability to enjoy life. Many of us dream of owning a business, a beautiful home, many loyal friends, travel, and wealth. But! To get all this, you have to work and work. Over yourself, over relationships, over the business.

And how to work, when sometimes you only have enough strength to serve your duty at your main job, come home, and feed your family. What kind of self-development is there when you don’t have enough strength for more? What new business? What movie with a friend? What are you speaking about?

#2.The reason why you need to increase your energy: health.
Your energy level directly affects the rate of cell renewal and the ability of your body to recover. If there is not enough energy, then you will age faster and get sick more. Let’s start increasing energy. What’s more, it’s quite easy.

Step 1: Remove factors that steal your energy

Coffee – knocks down blood sugar, and in the end, you will be forced to live the day in style: rise – fall – rise. In addition, the take-off each time will not be as high as the first time. Without coffee, energy levels are much higher than with it.

Sugar (and all sweets) – also knocks off blood sugar with all the ensuing consequences, as in the case of coffee. This is a wrinkle wound, overweight, insulin resistance, and elevated cholesterol.

coffee alcohol sugar
coffee alcohol sugar

Alcohol – loads the liver, disrupts sleep, and makes you lethargic. You better foot the grapes.

Medicines – unnecessarily load the liver. Of course, there are vital medicines if you are seriously ill. But if your head or stomach just got sick. For example, vitamin C and water help against headaches.

Step 2: Start sleeping enough

We underestimate the amount of sleep. Good sleep is the basis of high human energy. If you do not get enough sleep, then your energy will not increase.

Step 3: Drink more water

Some headaches and weakness can simply indicate elementary dehydration. In the morning, immediately after lifting, drink a glass of clean (non-boiling) water at room temperature. Better with the juice of half a lemon or 1st lime. Excellent energy charge, intestinal cleansing, and good anti-constipation agent. Drinking water is still better between meals.

Step 4: Minimize products that are difficult to absorb. 8 simple steps to increase energy?

These include:

Red meat – requires not only a lot of time for digestion but also energy, because it requires both good acidity of the stomach and the presence of all enzymes. I’m not calling you to be a vegetarian. No. Simply reduce the amount of red meat in the diet and, if possible, buy only the meat of those animals that are grown without hormones and antibiotics.

Dairy products (all, including yogurt and kefir) – are also difficult to digest, leading to the formation of mucus in the body, increasing allergic reactions, and can themselves cause allergies. You cannot refuse them at all – then reduce them in your diet to the maximum.

bread milk meat
bread milk meat

Gluten deprives the intestines of internal protection (intestinal permeability). All this leads to the fact that you get sick more often. If you are often sick, then your body will have to work hard to recover again, not to mention those medications that will then have to be taken out by the liver (do you drink pills to get back in line faster?). Simply put, your body spends energy on recovery, but it no longer has the strength to realize the dream.
ATTENTION: the side effects of gluten are not related to gluten allergy (celiac disease). Gluten has such an effect on anyone — whether they are allergic to gluten or not.

Step 5: Finally get into physical exercise. 8 simple steps to increase energy?

There is a small paradox here: in order to increase energy, it must be spent on something. Strange, but scientifically proven fact. Physical exercises supply the cells with oxygen, and toxins actively come out with sweat. And muscle mass improves the sensitivity of cells to insulin, which means it increases your energy level. Bonus — the energy is distributed evenly, even if you ate something too sweet.

The emotional side of the issue is also important here: after working out, you are filled with a sense of accomplishment and pride in yourself. And positive emotions increase a person’s energy! That’s the whole secret.

It’s enough to start with something simpler. For example, promise yourself to go to fitness twice a week, or start with seven minutes of exercise in the morning.

Step 6: Support your liver

Introduce bitter herbs into the diet — they stimulate the liver and gallbladder. Minimize medication intake. Increase the proportion of green vegetables and greens in the diet — they help the detoxification process.

Step 7: Enter into the diet foods that increase energy. 8 simple steps to increase energy?

Proper fats — protect cells from aging and improve the condition of the cell membrane through which nutrients penetrate into the cells.
Bright vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants protect cells from damage. Plus, they are extremely rich in all the necessary trace elements that provide us with energy.

Foods rich in fiber
Foods rich in fiber

Foods rich in fiber — clean our intestines, freeing it from toxins and waste. In addition, fiber nourishes useful bifidobacteria that process vitamins so that they become available to us. And, as you remember, without vitamins, cells (and we) cannot see energy. These products include all vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grain products, and bran.

Step 8: find a business to your liking, a goal in life

The main engine of progress (of your life) is your goal. Inspiration. The vision of your path. The desire to do something and create. If you clearly see the goal, then it will be easier for you to plan, eat right, and find time for all this. Inspiration gives the energy to act.

Actions charged with self-belief. Faith gives strength. Forces are transformed into actions and you are filled with happiness and pride for your successes. Even if they are small.

You can and should always be happy, even with small successes. Because every new action that you have finally decided on is a small victory over your fear.

Don’t put off your dreams for later. Do something today. Finish reading right now and go do something. When you take a small step towards your dream, you will have so much energy that no proper nutrition can compare with it!

Elena runs a private practice as a nutrition coach in the USA and many countries around the world. https://elenasunshinemagazine.com/services/

I suggest:

Evaluate current meal plans and give general recommendations.

Individual consultations.

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Recommend gradual dietary changes and consistent dietary practice.

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Promote the calorie recommendations set out by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, MyPlate, the Eatwell Guide in the United Kingdom, or other acceptable organizations.

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