Brownies with strawberries

Brownies with strawberries

Tender brownies with strawberries literally smell of summer. Dark chocolate combined with these summer berries is simply beautiful! Brownies with strawberries.

Brownie cake with strawberries is a real treat for lovers of chocolate desserts. Brownies can be prepared in different ways-according to the classic recipe or slightly deviating from it. But you must remember that the perfect brownie should be crispy on top, and inside – soft, slightly moist.


Calculated 7 servings

Dark chocolate 12.35 oz (350 g)
Butter 6.0 oz (170 g)
Sugar 7.05 oz( 200 g)
Egg 2 PCs.
Salt to taste
Flour 3.53 oz (100g)
Gelatin 1 teaspoon
Cream 22% 6 tablespoons
Strawberry 24.69 oz (700 g)

Instruction. Brownies with strawberries.

Cooking time 45 minutes

Break the chocolate into pieces and melt it together with the butter in a water bath, stirring all the time with a spatula or wooden spoon. Remove the resulting thick chocolate sauce from the water bath and leave to cool. Mix and let cool a little.

Meanwhile, mix the eggs with the sugar. break the eggs into a separate bowl and beat, gradually adding the sugar. You can beat it with a mixer or manually-as you like — but not less than two and a half to three minutes.

Carefully add the remaining sugar to the cooled chocolate melted with butter, then the flour and mix everything well with a whisk.

Then pour in the sugar-egg mixture and mix thoroughly with the chocolate mass. The color of the dough should be uniform, without streaks.

Preheat the oven to 356F (180C) degrees. The bottom of a small deep fireproof mold is lined with a sheet of baking paper. Pour the dough into the mold. Put in the oven and bake for twenty — five to thirty minutes until the sugar crust appears.

For the cream
Pre-melted gelatin is dissolved in cream.Combine with melted chocolate. Spread the strawberry halves on the cooled brownies. Distribute the chocolate cream.  Cool the brownies for 2 hours.
You can serve brownies just like that, or you can sprinkle powdered sugar on top or arrange the squares on plates and decorate each portion with a ball of vanilla ice cream. Bon Appetit!